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The New NFT Economy: Blind Boxes

The new era of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs as they are fondly called has helped many people to create new sources of income, particularly in the art world. The NFT industry is constantly evolving and will continue to do so at an ever-increasing pace.

NFTs are one of the core technological interventions in recent times which have become popular in quite a short period. It has played a significant role in resolving the problem of double-spending. Moreover, NFTs have helped in ensuring ownership credibility for artists which was a pain point of the traditional art industry. 

However, the rising volume of discussions around NFT projects, as well as the growing interest raises concern about the possible role of NFTs and blockchain in the metaverse. Regardless of the concerns, the NFT space continues to boom, and projects such as Blind Boxes are taking the NFT utility to the next level. 

Partnerships to the Moon

With a proper understanding of Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies, it’s evident how several projects get more robust by building viable structures via partnerships and healthy eco-friendly ecosystems. 

Blind Boxes is a unique NFT project that offers collectors the opportunity to unbox rare digital collectibles. The Blind Boxes project has been making excellent strides for a while now with various partnerships recently. 

Blind Boxes also partnered with viral rapper MoneyBagg Yo to launch an NFT collection with unique utility. MoneyBagg has over 10M followers on Twitter and Instagram and has joined forces with Blind Boxes to create a distinctive NFT collection that can be redeemed for legal Cannabis products in California.

Blind Boxes has recently teamed up with Enefti to bring gamified #NFT drops to Turkish audiences. With this partnership, Blind Boxes has already been featured in a real-world Billboard at a popular football arena in Adana Turkey. 

Going further, it also secured a partnership with Himo World, a match-3 deck building NFT strategic play to earn the game. This partnership will prospectively launch gamified #NFT drops with Blind Boxes.

Another feat in this regard is its partnership with sayBLOWE which is intended to bring Hip Hop fans gamified drops by Billboard-topping entertainers. Lastly, Blind Boxes recently partnered with xcodeinfinity. According to Xcode, the partnership is a great one because both identities share the same vision of making play-to-earn games available to everyone.

Learn More About Blind Boxes

Blind Boxes is a gamified curation platform and launchpad for NFTs. This highly scalable dApp enables brands and creators to diversify their revenue streams, increase the liquidity of their creative assets, and become leaders in decentralized global economies while engaging fans and buyers to discover and collect rare, limited edition NFTs.

Via the Blind Boxes Marketplace, buyers experience the thrill of time-released curated NFT collections. Collectors virtually unbox exclusive items, curated by tastemakers across art, music, sports, and entertainment. Curation is at the core of our value proposition. The platform offers a commission structure that incentivizes independent contributors to curate blind box collections that feature top-tier talent, emerging artists, and designers from around the world.

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