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The Sandbox Grants $25M For the Launch of World of Women Foundation

As each day comes, the likelihood of projects having new partnerships with the metaverse can be certain. Just recently, two of the most prominent Ethereum NFT projects on the market are joining forces. Crypto metaverse game, The Sandbox, announced a partnership with NFT profile picture project World of Women which will see the gaming project provide $25 million in grant funds to fund the WoW Foundation.

The WoW Foundation is a World of Women initiative to help bring more women into the NFT space and the burgeoning metaverse via education and mentorship. The Sandbox will provide the funds over five years to support the foundation in achieving its aims, many of which are tied into The Sandbox’s game world. 

Going further, the World of Women NFT project has thrown it’s anchor through to the startup, Sandbox, to launch a way to promote female inclusivity and representation in Web 3 and the metaverse. The WoW Foundation will receive $25 million in funding over five years, with the money going towards education and mentorship. In January, The Sandbox spent 200 ETH worth over $707,000 at the time to purchase World of Women NFT #6025 from social media influencer Logan Paul which served as a record sale for the collection at the time.

Sandbox and the Metaverse

The metaverse refers to a more immersive future version of the internet in which users can work, play, and socialize using 3D avatars. It’s expected to take place in overlapping online spaces that are interoperable and work with NFT assets, such as characters, items, and digital locations.

With the Metaverse, The Sandbox has been making strides over time, having a chart reflective of an upward trend. The Sandbox lets players buy and customize virtual land in the game, allowing them to create interactive environments and game experiences that can be shared and even monetized. The game has inked partnerships with more than 200 brands and celebrities to date, including Snoop Dogg, Adidas, The Walking Dead, and Atari.

What the Funding will Birth

Without fail, The WoW Foundation has proposed to use the funding to launch a virtual academy for artists and invest in diverse and inclusive spaces for women in Web 3 within the metaverse. The group states that it aims to encourage more female participation by acting as an incubator and providing advice, funding, mentoring, and access to The Sandbox network. The Sandbox is a subsidiary of blockchain gaming giant Animoca Brands. Worthy to note is that The World of Women has seen a dramatic rise to the top of the NFT charts since its launch in November.

More Strides 

For example, the WoW Foundation will create 3D avatars based on all 10,000 World of Women profile pictures, which their respective holders can use within The Sandbox. Some of these avatars can currently be seen during the game’s public, pre-release “alpha” test, which provides a small sampling of the game world to try out.

Lastly, The foundation will build a WoW Museum in The Sandbox’s online world too, as well as launch a WoW University in the game that offers educational Web3 lessons along with NFT diplomas for students.

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