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The Twitter Logo Has Changed to the Dogecoin Logo. DOGE Coin Reacted 25% Up

So Twitteratis – did you ever think the classic, simple, and everyone’s-favrotie blue bird logo would change? Well, even if you were not ready to say goodbye to the good old bird that welcomed us on Twitter, Elon Musk has initiated his plans for Change on Twitter. Yes – we’re talking about the new Shiba Inu dog logo, the popular and emerging meme coin logo of the DOGE coin

While meme coins have always been a tricky investment option in the crypto world, DOGE has always been a popular addition to the crypto world ever since its launch. 

Yet, every popular crypto coin lives its good and awfully bad days – so has DOGE. A coin that saw a decline in its market value and sales recently has now become the 7th most popular crypto in the world. 

In fact, after Elon’s touting for the coin over recent times, he now brought it to Twitter, and $DOGE has managed to flip $ADA (Cardano). So with the never-ending competition between the two most popular meme coins taking over one another’s position, we can now clearly see who’s ahead and winning. 

But who would have seen that coming? As the social world accepts the new change in Twitter with the Dogecoin logo welcoming us on the platform every time, it’s evident that DOGE is now here to stay and maintain its place in the market, if not go further up from its recent value increase of 25%.

Musk’s first public remark came a little more than an hour after the logo change, in the form of a cartoon image.

Twitterati’s Reaction After The Logo Change: 

Soon after the Twitter logo changed, Twitterati couldn’t keep their emotions and opinions to themselves. From creative memes shared by the Twitter community like: 

To many users finding it hard to believe the presence of the Dogecoin logo: 

And even different opinions that the users took to the platform about the reason behind the logo change: 

As we dug deeper into the Twitter posts, we also found that Elon promised a user last month to make things change, making it pretty much predictable. 

Now we’re just having fun with creative opinions, perspectives, and meme-focused involvement of the Twitter community on this logo update. 

But What Does It Mean for $DOGE’s Value? 

Changing or adding an icon within an app is not usually news. In this scenario, cryptocurrency investors increased the value of dogecoin following the addition of its logo to Twitter’s app. In a nutshell, the social media service’s update triggered a pump.

Yet, the market saw the value of Dogecoin (DOGE) rise by more than 35% after Elon Musk’s Twitter replaced the social-media platform’s distinctive bluebird atop its site with the cryptocurrency’s iconic Shiba Inu dog logo.

In contrast to this price increase, the value of $DOGE last increased by only 10 cents last year in December. However, this huge surge in value is noteworthy, making $DOGE become the top meme coin. 

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