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The Usefulness of Spatial Domains in OVER: Why Do They Matter?

As the metaverse expands, spatial domains have become increasingly important for individuals and businesses. These virtual spaces and lands within the metaverse can be used for various purposes, including entertainment, education, and commerce.

One way to control your digital identity and assets within the metaverse is through spatial domains. You can register and manage your unique, tradable domain names by utilizing blockchain technology and decentralized platforms like Unstoppable Domains and the Ethereum Name System (ENS).

Unstoppable Domains, for example, is a popular blockchain naming system provider and identity platform that has already registered over 2.5 million NFT domains. With this platform, you can create your own username for crypto, build a decentralized digital identity, and manage your own blockchain-based domains for hosting websites, receiving cryptocurrency payments, and storing digital assets.

Similarly, ENS domains, built on the Ethereum blockchain, make it easy for you to map human-readable domain names to Ethereum addresses and interact with dApps and other blockchain-based services. In 2022, ENS saw over 2.2 million new registrations, making it the most widely integrated blockchain naming standard.

In addition to the benefits of increased security and ownership, using spatial domains can also make it easier for you to establish your online presence within the metaverse. That’s why Over the Reality has decided to offer the One Word DNS, a new naming system for the OVER Metaverse built on the Ethereum Blockchain, which allows you to create a readable and easy-to-understand OVRLand name. By buying your own spatial domain, you’re taking control of your digital identity and assets in a secure, decentralized way. Visit the OVER Marketplace to learn more and purchase your own domain today.

ENS Domains Are Now Available in the Over Marketplace

One of the goals of this DNS system is to allow anyone to secure the unique name they desire. This is also an opportunity for businesses to get their branding and words relevant to their business, as well as a chance to predict the most exciting and in-demand names in the marketplace.

You can now purchase a name that reflects your personality to identify your OVRLand and the experiences created on it.

This ENS, a Blockchain domain naming protocol built for the Ethereum Blockchain, allows you to create a readable and easy-to-understand OVRLand name.

Selecting the ideal domain name is critical for the future

The DNS market may have become a commodity, but space domains like those available on the OVER Marketplace are a new frontier offering untapped potential. By registering a domain, you are not just investing in a name but in a digital property, an NFT. 

While the internet may be getting crowded with more companies going digital, space domains open up new opportunities for businesses to stand out and connect with customers in the metaverse and spatial domains. It’s a chance to establish a unique digital presence and take advantage of this new world’s growth potential.

The perfect domain

What makes this process so intriguing is the opportunity to tap into one’s own creativity and foresight to find the ideal name. The interest in ENS domains is growing rapidly; as a result, many of the most sought-after domains have already been claimed. However, with a bit of imagination and a forward-thinking approach, it’s still possible to secure a unique and memorable name for yourself or your business.

If you want to buy your domain, don’t put it off any longer.

Visit the OVER market’s dedicated page.

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