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The weekly NFT recap

The NFT space is buzzing busy, and there have been several noteworthy advancements in the sector. Several new projects are quickly moving towards minting their unique NFTs, such as Moonbirds, which has been categorized as one of the NFTs GOATs ( Greatest of all times). Let’s take a look at some of the most hype-generating NFT news of the week. 


Over the past year, various sports leagues across the US market have been testing NFTs. However, until now, PGA Tour, golf’s flagship pro property, has been withholding. But PGA is finally working on various NFT programs that will reward the top performers with guaranteed funds. 

BAYC Sets a new Record

The floor price of Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs hit a new record high earlier this week by reaching over 150 ETH. However, the NFT mnt of The Otherside metaverse caused major bottlenecks in Ethereum and led to a discussion of improvement in BAYC NFTs. The community was disappointed in how minting of The Otherside NFT took place. 

The Otherside is a metaverse project by Yuga Lab, which is also the creator of Bored Ape and ApeCoin. There has been another development for the BAYC as well when Elon Musk decided to change his Twitter picture to that of a collage of BAYC NFTs, which sparked a controversial discussion and raised the ApeCoin price considerably. 

VanEck NFT

The asset management firm VanEck has been making the rounds with the rumors of releasing a new NFT ETF. However, the sources suggest that the release will not happen soon. However, the NFTs by VanEck will be untraditional and have 1,000 NFTs in the collection to be minted on the Ethereum network, as per reports. 

Shanghai Residents

After the COVID-19 lockdowns, Shanghai residents are heading to OpenSea, the popular NFT marketplace, to reflect the inside perspective of the lockdowns using an account called ‘Voice of April”. 

These are the latest noteworthy developments in the NFT space. We will be back with more! 

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