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The Zuck Coin

There was a reason why Facebook started banning cryptocurrency and ICO advertisements, and now we know why. Mark Zuckerberg has got a little bit on the cryptocurrency action! No wonder he seemed pretty confident at the Congress showdown about privacy being a major issue in social media.

He recently announced the Facebook Coin which he named Zuck Coin. The coin name suggests Zuckerberg’s narcissism in reality when he could have at least named it after the popular social media website he founded – Facebook.

What is the Zuck Coin?

It is a cryptocurrency which takes privacy to a whole other level. The slogan is ‘open up your life’ which encourages people to be carefree and not let private information being shared affect them.

Zuckerberg believes that the key to happiness lies in how open you are to the world.

It will be live on Facebook’s platform tomorrow 19th of April, where users of the social media website can earn Zuck coins the more they reveal information.

Mark Zuckerberg’s mentor, Peter Freedom posted on his Reddit last night-

“The Zuck Coin – the more you expose, the more you earn. Time to open up Mr. President!”

Users who remove all security settings, and keep their password as 123456 will gain the maximum number of Zuck’s which is a Zuckion (Million Zucks).

Users who reveal their bank details will have an opportunity of having a one on one dinner with Mark Zuckerberg at the Facebook Headquarters. Along with this 1 Zuckion will be transferred immediately to the wallet of the user by Zuckerberg himself.

There are discussions with Zuckerberg and his team with cryptocurrency platforms regarding cryptocurrency related ads. According to a press release by Coindotx, a cryptocurrency exchange in Cuba each Zuck can be used to buy advertisement slots on Facebook. Coindotx’s press release stated-

“We are pleased to be part of Facebook’s advertisements; we owe it all to the amount of information we have shared on Facebook. A few extra Zucks will not hurt anyone!”

The Zuck Coin with just a day into release is flooded with buyers trying to get into the action. People are already listing up what private details they can expose so that they can claim more Zuck Coins.

Zuckerberg took over the social media world and is now aiming to take over the cryptocurrency world.

Twitter’s Jack Dorsey is rumored to release a Twitter Coin too; names that have been revealed include Limit Coin and Characters Coin.

Inside Crypto Today’s Opinion-

Who doesn’t want their own cryptocurrency these days! What would your coin be called?




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  1. So the burning question – if my entrepreneurial idol Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin group was to launch a coin, what would it be called..? And what about the sub units and the collective noun?

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