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These 5 countries are Googling ‘Bitcoin Halving’ the most

The most talked-about Bitcoin event is just 7 days away. While people all around the world are keeping track of every tiny bit of information surrounding bitcoin, we bring to you 5 European nations that seem to be the most obsessed ones when it comes to googling every little there is about Bitcoin Halving. Western and Central Europe are literally ruling the roost with these searches as per Google trends. 

As the event comes closer, BTC has seen enormous plunges in terms of price rise and volume increases. Mid-March was the starting point of the bull ride and these 5 countries that we have for you, have generated the most requests regarding the same.

Let’s understand each on of them –


  1. Switzerland – The country with the most searches on Google Halving and with a permissive regulatory stand on Bitcoin has seen the generation of commercial financial products on the crypto front. It also is known as the home to crypto valley association called Bitcoin Suisse in the city of Zug.
  2. The Netherlands – This is a country that has both heavy-handed regulations as well as a huge developed interest in Cryptocurrency. After Switzerland, this is the second biggest Googler about Bitcoin Halving. The country is also home to several crypto startups and the government is yet to bring in tighter controls over bitcoin usage. In 2019 the coin mixing service Best Mixer was closed down which was a famous Bitcoin city project here.
  3. Slovenia – This is the country that boasts of a Bitcoin monument as well as the famous Bitcoin exchange – Bitstamp. The country which has turned in third in terms of Googling has reported that many stores here were accepting bitcoin payments after the app launch.
  4. Estonia – The country can be credited for having modernistic perspectives on digital currencies. It runs the famous e-residency scheme for years but the country’s government keeps a strict eye on every move restricting its access. It also is seeing the running of a crypto exchange licensing scheme but has faced criticism because of its complex operations.
  5. Austria – Austria also ranks in the top nations for halving searches on Google. It has come across as a nation that is quite curious about Bitcoin and has not shown full-fledged support for the crypto. The capital city of Vienna has had Bitcoin companies like Bitcoin Bank, and with the increasing interest, things may change for the better here.

Image Source – CoinDesk

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