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Top 25 Crypto News Updates of October 2022!

The crypto industry is constantly evolving, and this is especially true in the tumultuous times we currently live in. There’s always something to keep an eye on in the cryptocurrency market nowadays, whether it’s the market value fluctuating up and down or a possible project failing to get traction or disillusioning the community, giving way to a new initiative. However, as 2022 draws to a close, we can anticipate more beneficial and less tragic updates.

What are these updates? Here are the top 25 key highlights of the latest news that came out in October 2022:

Key Insights:

  1. Pavel Durov launched Fragment, a Telegram username marketplace. Some usernames are still available for purchase.
  2. introduced a Visa debit card that accepts crypto and fiat. The card will initially only be offered to US residents.
  3. Visa has submitted 2 trademark applications for managing digital, virtual, and cryptocurrency transactions, digital money + cryptocurrency wallets, NFTs + virtual commodities, and more.
  4. Apple refused to exempt NFTs from its 30% “Apple Tax” on in-app purchases.
  5. Exchange cryptocurrency FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried is building a stablecoin.
  6. Elon Musk bought Twitter for $44 billion. Binance has invested in Elon Musk’s Twitter deal.
  7. Twitter is developing a “wallet prototype” for “crypto deposit and withdrawal.”
  8. In conjunction with four marketplaces, Twitter will let users purchase and sell NFTs using tweets (Magic Eden, Rarible, Dapper Labs, and
  9. Meta’s Reality Labs segment lost $3.6 billion in Q3 2022. As per the quarterly report, Meta’s Reality Labs has lost $9.43 billion year-to-date.
  10. Google announced Blockchain Node Engine for Web3 developers. Blockchain Node Engine will support Ethereum, allowing developers to offer fully managed nodes with secure blockchain access.
  11. Microsoft wants to adapt its software stack to the metaverse. Microsoft UAE CMO Ihsan Anabtawi said the company was trying to make its cloud division compatible with metaverse experiences and allow companies to use the data for their apps.
  12. The CBUAE has completed a trial of CBDC transactions.
  13. L’Oréal, Meta, and HEC Paris are launching a metaverse startup accelerator.
  14. NKB will incorporate CBDC into BNB Chain.
  15. Turkey’s central bank will launch a CBDC in 2023.
  16. and signed an MoU with Busan.
  17. UK law markers decide to regulate Bitcoin and crypto.
  18. BNB Chain has a $10 million fund for user acquisition and expansion. The Growth Incentive Program will support 10 projects in the fourth quarter with up to 800 BNB tokens a month in gas incentives.
  19. The NEAR Foundation has set aside $40m for a USN Protection Programme grant to shield customers from a recent USN issue by assuring eligible USN holders can redeem their USN 1:1 with USDT.e.
  20. Bit2Me says it bought Dekalabs for an unknown amount.
  21. Israel’s stock exchange will offer digital assets.
  22. Team Finance was hacked for $14.5 million. All platform activity is suspended until the exploit is fixed.
  23. Multi-chain crypto wallet UvToken was hacked for 5,011 BNB tokens (1.45 million), and the funds were sent to Tornado Cash.
  24. Polygon’s decentralized exchange QuickSwap was abused for $220,000.
  25. FTX will compensate phishing scam victims with $6 million for fraudulent trading on their accounts.

Which of the following news were you anticipating the most?

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