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Top 3 unmissable contests you need to participate in the crypto-verse

In recent years, affiliate marketing and referral networks have risen in popularity.  Crypto referral programs have become a huge trend in many projects which use them as a means to expand their network. Also, referral campaigns are one method where crypto users can passively earn funds.  Users can earn more by simply completing a series of tasks which often involves referring friends to crypto projects.

Due to the strong bull market, the crypto sector is steadily gaining traction in terms of acceptance. Every day, a small number of people around the world get involved with the crypto industry. This wide adoption has opened more people up to the potentials locked up in the space. Referral campaigns within the crypto space have grown bigger in the crypto space, and here are three of such campaigns you should not miss.


Blockchain-based healthcare ecosystem Immunify.Life shared a tweet where it announced its referral program that would see about $2000 worth of IMM tokens, its native token disbursed to about 100 lucky winners. The steps for the campaign were listed in the tweet below,

Furthermore, Immunify.Life IDO on TrustPad is scheduled soon with a total supply of 8,975,886 $IMM tokens. Immunify. Life’s global objective is to transform the healthcare business, with a focus on health management companies and problems in developing countries. This is accomplished by letting them leverage blockchain technology to collect, store, and provide patient health data, as well as drug, supply, equipment, and delivery data provided by suppliers, pharmaceuticals, and other healthcare companies.


Photochromic recently tweeted its latest community giveaway that would see some of its users receive $5000 worth of its native $PHCR token. The steps are given in the tweet below.

Photochromic, a biometrically governed self-sovereign identity protocol based on the utility of Non Fungible Tokens, has also launched its IDO on CardStarter, a Cardano-based launchpad. The IDO took place on the 15th of November, 2021.  PhotoChromic creates biometrically managed self-sovereign identities on the blockchain and tokenizes them as NFTs that are programmable, verifiable, universally addressable, and digitally secure.


Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange platform, has announced its New Year contest. Binance averages $2 billion in daily trade volume and offers its users a good chance to earn. Binance noted that its Referral Offer is conducting an exclusive New Year’s activity.  Users only have to refer their friends to join the platform using the Referral Offer Mode.

According to the post, for each completed job, both the user and their referred friends will receive a Mystery Box worth up to $500 in tokens. There’s a $300,000 prize pool up for takes. The program is slated to begin from 2022-01-11 04:00 AM (UTC) to 2022-01-18 03:59 AM (UTC)

Happy Participating!

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