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Top 5 Crypto Trends of 2023

In the cryptocurrency world, the last year or two has been a crazy ride. Many experts have questioned crypto’s ability to exist and endure in the face of fraud and dropping values.

However, the Bitcoin market is still worth $1.05 trillion. That only means one thing: there is still room in the crypto realm for more fascinating and profitable improvements, especially with the start of 2023.

Now, let’s go ahead and review some of the top 2023 crypto trends you can take advantage of right away!

  1. Engage-to-Earn:

Following the success of play-to-earn (P2E) income models in web3 gaming, we witnessed the emergence of numerous more models, such as move-to-earn, shop-to-earn, and the laziest of them, sleep-to-earn. Engage-to-Earn is another paradigm that has just arisen and is drawing ambitious enterprises across the Web3 sector (E2E). 

Users receive diverse options to engage in activities and earn via them with secure and dependable engage-to-earn platforms like AdLunam; the Web 3.0 Attention Economy’s first NFT-integrated Engage to Earn Proof-of-Attention seedpad and IDO launchpad.

AdLunam Contact: Facebook | Telegram | Twitter | Reddit | LinkedIn | Instagram | Medium

  1.  Sleep-to-Earn:

Sleep-to-earn, a relatively new trend, introduces several advantages that come along with this trend. Not only can you keep an eye on your sleep score to ensure you’re getting enough shut-eye, but you can also participate in the programs designed to improve people’s physical and mental health by simply downloading the corresponding app.

This sleep-to-earn program offered by various popular and trusted platforms, built on blockchain technology, will help you improve your physical and mental health while also allowing you to earn passively in the form of sleep tokens, NFTs, and stake tokens. Likewise, SleepBe, a sleep-to-earn platform, lets users earn rewards simply by sleeping. It encourages a healthy lifestyle and cuts down on time spent in front of screens, including late-night scrolling.

SleepBe Contact: Facebook | Telegram | Discord | Instagram | Twitter | Medium 

  1. Browse-to-Earn:

Another emerging crypto trend growing with the help of safe and unique platforms like Carbon Browser is browse-to-earn. As the name suggests, the browse-to-earn platforms are decentralized web3 browsing solutions that keep your information safe and data anonymous, all using the web3 infrastructure in its browser design. 

But that’s not the best part! Browse-to-earn platforms like Crypto browsers don’t only give you complete anonymity and security to browse without being tracked and safely access decentralized applications through it. Still, these platforms also let you earn (in cryptocurrencies) with every search you make. 

Carbon Browser Contact: Twitter | Discord | Blog

  1. NFT Fractionalization:

The fractionalization of NFTs is presented as a solution to the problems of market illiquidity and erroneous price predictions. How? ERC-20 tokens allow NFTs to be subdivided into smaller units, which multiple “fractions can subsequently own.”

Platforms like Ommniverse provide access to and participation in fractional NFTs. This allows investors to participate in NFTs that would otherwise be out of reach due to their high cost. Moreover, Ommniverse, a safe platform, lets creators promote their NFTs by bidding them on the platform in their desired fractions. 

Ommniverse Contact: Discord | Telegram | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Reddit | Medium

  1. NFT-Based Gaming:

Using a novel play-to-earn model offered by popular platforms, NFT gaming fuses the worlds of online gaming, finance, and blockchain. With NFT games, players may play on blockchains like Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain and earn crypto. Using NFTs, players can legitimately trade or resell virtual goods from one gaming platform to another.

Polygame is an example of a platform that follows this trend. With one notable exception, this platform is built as a streaming platform. It creates NFTs using blockchain and allows players to exchange them.

Polygame Contact: Telegram | Twitter | Reddit | Medium

So which of the following 2023 crypto trends have you benefitted from, and what is yet to explore? It’s time you dive into these exciting opportunities to participate in crypto and benefit from all it offers! 

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