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Top 5 popular crypto podcasts on Spotify for newbies to veterans

If you are not a fan of TL;DRs, but still want to know about the crypto industry, podcasts are your best bet. They are engaging, you can listen to them on the go, and there’s one for every taste. We have identified the top 5 podcasts on crypto and web3 so that you don’t have to. But here’s the truth: each podcast has a distinct flavor and focuses on various topics. Regarding the vast universe of cryptocurrencies, we all have multiple interests. So keep reading to find out which one is your favorite.


This popular podcast is hosted by Laura Shin, a former Forbes editor and the first journalist from the mainstream media to cover crypto full-time.

Unchained produces two episodes per week, each being 30 min or longer. The podcast takes two formats. First is a discussion about a particular topic with a guest. Second is Laura mediating a conversation with industry experts.

But what does this podcast focus on? Unchained covers an extensive range of subjects – Ideal for those that want to broaden their crypto horizons. 

Recent topics analyze the role of investors in a decentralized world. There is an episode with some of the biggest names in crypto and their philosophy on philanthropy, and you have more tokenomics-based content. 

The point is that a considerable range of topics is explored here. So if you want to hear the insights from some of the most prominent and exciting thought leaders in crypto, Unchained is what you should listen to.

Podcasts by AdLunam

The first NFT integrated IDO launchpad, AdLunam runs their podcast on Spotify, called “The Future of NFTs” hosted by AdLunam Co-founder Nadja Bester. 

Nadja has a rich pedigree in marketing and communications. She has owned a communications agency, worked as a journalist (,, Be In Crypto, and others), spoken at conferences, and has been CMO and advisor for multiple blockchain projects.

The Future of NFTs  

This podcast is gradually catching attention among NFT enthusiasts mainly. In the podcast, Nadja holds hour-long discussions with prominent guests about the fascinating world of NFTs.

In this engaging podcast, Nadja speaks to founders, leaders, and visionaries in the NFT space about the unique role NFTs will play in the Web3 landscape. 

The topics are varied and interesting ranging from “Marketing in NFTs” or “Using NFTs in gaming”. The guest list includes notable names like Can Artisan who is the Founder of @NonFngbleAlbums, and Meike Marple – the creator of Medusa Collection NFTs. Other prominent guests are Robert Greig and Josh Jones, Co-Founders of Cornucopias Game, and marketing expert Arvin Khamseh. 

Going by the attractive guest list and the massively popular topic of NFTs, this will indeed roll in listeners from far and wide.

What Bitcoin did  

Peter Peter McCormack hosts this podcast. The podcast is essentially Peter chatting with the most brilliant minds in crypto about Bitcoin. Three or four episodes come out each week. The podcast appeals to people with a passing interest in Bitcoin and crypto veterans. Not an easy tightrope to walk.

Recent episodes cover current global macroeconomics. There are also episodes giving you the ins and outs of what happened in El Salvadore about Bitcoin adoption. Speaking of El Salvadore, Peter interviewed Najeeb Bukeli, the country’s president, about why the government decided to adopt Bitcoin as a legal tender. 

So if you want to learn about Bitcoin from many angles, then what Bitcoin Did is the podcast for you.

However, some of you may not be a crypto maxi but a DeFi degen looking for your daily dose of crypto. Then Crypto 101 may interest you.

Crypto 101 

This is the holy grail for beginners or those who want to learn the basics of cryptocurrency. It’s hosted by Bryce Paul, a crypto company development specialist, and Aaron Malone, a crypto counsellor and researcher.

Each episode is dedicated to a different facet of cryptocurrency. Some episodes, such as Trading 101 with Avi Felman from Blocktower, are actual beginner’s instructions. Other episodes feature people that can give you an inside look at corporations, crypto research, and other topics.

This weekly podcast varies in duration. Depending on the episode, you may expect to listen for anywhere from 25 minutes to more than an hour. You can also join an email list to receive extra information, tips, and tricks from the hosts in between podcast episodes.

The Pomp podcast  

This podcast is brought to you by Anthony Pogliano, who manages a hefty portfolio of half a billion dollars. He also has a wildly popular YouTube channel and one of the biggest crypto Twitter accounts. 

The podcasts range anywhere from sub 30 min to well over an hour. Interestingly Anthony sits at the intersection of finance, technology, economics, and entrepreneurship, which shines through in his podcasts. 

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His recent podcasts include Sergej Kotliar on why Bitcoin is not nearing universal acceptance. Sergej is Bitrefill’s CEO. He covers the Circular Economy, Bitcoin as a tool vs. Bitcoin as a monetary movement, and if the lightning network is overrated. 

In another episode, Murad Mahmudov discusses why Bitcoin will be worth Trillions. Murad founded STFX, a completely new technology that aids in short-term transactions. This episode focuses on Bitcoin’s rise to become a global reserve currency and whether or not the transition will be peaceful.

Understanding the blockchain and navigating the cryptocurrency world is daunting. Even seasoned crypto aficionados must keep up with the newest developments in the ever-changing crypto ecosystem. So, make sure you tune in to crypto podcasts to stay on top of your game.

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