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Top 7 ICO Launches a Charity Initiative for Ukraine

For the past three months, Russia – the Ukraine war has been testing Ukrainian citizens’ financial and mental strength. Moreover, there is no apparent end, and the country and its citizens have already suffered tremendously. Since Russia actively started the war against Ukraine on February 24th,2022, over 262 children and 4,000 civilians have been killed. 

Moreover, the finances of Ukraine are standing on their last leg. Luckily, crypto has been a huge help with transferring funds overseas and helping the country with the support it needs. However, the funds are nearly depleted, and the country requires more assistance. Luckily Top 7 ICO, news, and analytics platform, has launched its own charity initiative in support of Ukraine. 

Top 7 For Ukraine 

Top 7 ICO is a news and analytics platform that has recently launched its own charity initiative to support Ukraine called Top 7 for Ukraine. 

Top 7 for Ukraine is a charity initiative that provides trusted and hardworking volunteers in Ukraine with funds to support affected Ukrainians. The team of the charity fund is from Ukraine itself and has been resisting a wide-scale war that Russia started 3 months ago. The team itself has been very charitable and has donated over $900,000, and several prominent projects have also joined the cause. 

The list of donors includes Venture Capitalists like Morningstar Ventures and ZBS Capital. Other crypto and DeFi projects such as Scallop, MahaDAO, CryptoDiffer, CryptoDep, CryptoCitizen, etc., have also helped in raising around $180,000 for Ukraine. 

Scallop, the DeFi bank has been proactive in taking a charitable approach and has donated to Top 7 for Ukraine’s noble charity. Top 7 for Ukraine also posted a tweet appreciating this donation by Scallp, which the DeFi bank retweeted. 

All of these funds will be utilized to serve food to affected people and the army troops standing guard. The Top 7 for Ukraine accept donations in different blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Solana, Tron, Avalanche BNB Chain, Polkadot, Bitcoin, and Polygon. Moreover, the organization is transparent with the use of donations and allows the tracking of the flow of the funds. 

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