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Top Blockchain AI Companies


A combination of AI and Blockchain has resulted in groundbreaking new projects and start-up ventures that have come up with applications for today’s world.

These are some of the projects that have the most potential-


Singularity Net

Singularity Net is a chief project that has been introduced by Dr. Ben Goertzel with the undertaking of both AI and Blockchain technologies. The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of this was very successful, with $36 million being raised in under just 60 seconds.

Dr. Goertzel has tremendous experience in the field which includes being the principal scientist at Hanson Robotics and Aidyia Holdings. Being the principal manager here, led him to become a worldwide recognized name. His feats include Sophia, the first robot that was granted citizenship. He also has many advisory roles in research programs related to AI.

Singularity Net takes the robot, Sophia, once step higher regarding intelligence. Decentralization of AI takes place thanks to Blockchain technology. It means that a whole bunch of AI players can actively participate in the AI algorithms – individuals, the company, etc.

Hence AI will not only be promoted by big technology companies but by smaller companies also thanks to costs reduction due to competition. Quality assurance will also be implemented for clients to appreciate and trust smaller companies.


Numerai changes the financial industry. It is a unique hedge fund that uses AI along with Blockchain technology. There is involvement from various data scientists from many countries in the world who submit their forecast based on different machine learning which helps this project.

The best part is the weekly prediction competition, where Numeraire (NMR) tokens can be won. This incentive-based program helps gain quality predictions.

Various data which helps in the broader sense is now able to be accessed from data scientists.

Matrix AI Network

It is one of the most significant infrastructural projects of China. The AI network will use an intelligent, open source Blockchain platform which will support machine learning services and smart contracts. This artificial intelligent and blockchain influenced infrastructure aims to boost the efficiency in the transportation between China, Europe, Russia, and Africa. New routes are about to be created between land and sea for these regions.

Matrix AI Network will enhance the experience with their very own cryptocurrencies which are already in development by the latter half of 2018. The Matrix (MAN) tokens will help network node owners run their AI-powered services.

These projects create a whole new bunch of possibilities and answers to real-world problems. Thus the future looks bright,  with an AI marketplace which is decentralized and more secure thanks to Blockchain technology.

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