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Top Crypto Campaigns you should not be missing!

Affiliate marketing and referral networks have exploded in popularity in recent years. Did you know there are cryptocurrency referral schemes as well? This is one technique to earn money from cryptocurrency in a passive manner. What’s the best part? Simply introducing friends to various crypto platforms, users might be earning for the long term! Doesn’t that sound fantastic? 

The crypto sector is slowly rising in terms of adoption, thanks to the big bull market. Every day, a tiny number of people throughout the world get acquainted with the crypto space, and their enthusiasm motivates them to enter the area through exchanges. As a result, the number of affiliate programs and referrals has increased. The goal is to enhance the size of the crypto community by bringing in as much traffic as possible. This is where referrals come in handy by offering good discounts or a little amount of money as a headstart on crypto exchanges in exchange for utilizing the referral code.

Let’s take a look at 4 of these programs and see what users may expect to gain from them.

  1. IndraDex Referral Program

Earlier this month, IndraDex announced the launch of the INDRA CAPITAL REFERRAL Program, UTC, where they are giving away $5000 worth $Airavat tokens to lucky 50 winners. Users would have to complete every step to add more entries! And also unlock the bonus to earn extra points. 

Contest Details

Added to SweepsDB: December 16, 2021 12:32:48

Start Date: December 16, 2021

End Date: December 28, 2021 09:30:00

Platform: Gleam Gleam

Categories: Cryptocurrency

Referral Bonus: Yes

Country: Worldwide

Contest URL:

Steps to take

Follow @IndraDEX_ 

🔁Retweet this Twitter Post

🫂Tag 3 Friends for Bonus points!

⏳Deadline: 3:00 pm Dec 28th UTC time


Coinbase, arguably the largest crypto exchange, has also released referral codes and links with the aim of growing its community by allowing users to join its ecosystem of mobile and online apps and trade with cheap fees. After completing a set of instructions, each person who joins using this referral code receives a $36 sign-up bonus. The referring person receives $10 in BTC for each user who visits the coinbase using the referral code and spends $100 on the platform.

Payout: Every four working days.

What users get: $10 from every trade equivalent to $100.

What their friends need to do: Complete account details, then make a $100 trade on Coinbase.

What their friends get: Same $10 you get.


Bitfinex, like FTX, offers users a discount on trading fees as a welcome incentive if they use the referral code. Users can enjoy a 6% discount on spot and margin trading activity by using these codes.

Bitfinex also offers affiliate connections that can earn users up to 55% in commissions, making it one of the best affiliate and referral programs on the market.


Paxful, one of the most popular crypto exchanges, has an affiliate scheme that allows users to make money. When users click the “Become an Affiliate” button on the Paxful Affiliate program page,  it will take them to the referral page.

 They can also create and copy their link on that page. This campaign pays users for both direct and indirect referrals. 

Payout: Users get paid once they get to $10.

What users get: Users will receive 50% on all their escrow fees. Plus, 10% on escrow fees for anyone their friends refer.

What referrals need to do: They only have to sign up and trade Bitcoin. The program only rewards trades on Bitcoin.

There are other crypto campaigns out there, but these are some of the top ones users can use if in search of an extra source of income.

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