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Tron’s On Beast Mode – The BitTorrent Acquisition

Tron’s founder Justin Sun has taken his braindchild into full ‘beast mode’ with several partnerships and a main net allowing it independence from Ethereum. Justin Sun is successful  in proving Vitalik Buterin, that Tron has scope of becoming one of the best there is.

Tron’s main aim is to decentralize the web, in other words it play an important part of Web 3.0. Web 3.0 is the name given to the new internet, much more decentralized and giving an opportunity for everyone to have a say along with countless opportunities to earn.

Main Net Launch of TRON

May 31st – TRON’s Mainnet called Odyssey 2.0 launched. It creates a fully functional public blockchain to support creation of decentralized applications all on TRON’s own.

June 25th –  Independence Day for TRON as it becomes an official competitor to Ethereum. A live event where TRON migrated from the Ethereum blockchain. It was completed successfully in the next couple of days.

Tron’s Odyssey 2.0 brings in Delegated Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm and relies on 27 block validators (Super Representatives) to produce the blocks and verify transactions.

BitTorrent Acqusition-

The one year anniversary of Justin Sun’s Tron on the 30th of July, came at a time when several announcements wre made by Tron which including the much talked about BitTorrent acquisition.

The one year anniversary was commemorated through a tweet by the founder of Tron, Justin Sun.

On the same day as the one year anniversary, an official post from TRON foundation’s medium blog also announced the launch of Tron’s Virtual Machine (TRM).

An excerpt from the blog read:

Today, we launched the beta version of TVM. In the following month, TVM will be tested by all the TRON community members. On August 30th SGT, TRON will complete its MainNet upgrade and launch the official version of TVM.

The TRON Foundation even took a jab at Ethereum by stating:

TVM is completely compatible with Ethereum, only faster and more affordable.

As per the announcement, TVM will run on beta and will launch officially on August 30th, which will ‘be more stable, more secure and equipped with optimized compile and instruction set.”

Hints about how Tron will help BitTorrent in its quest for P2P transfers were also given.

“The integration of BitTorrent and TRON will offer new possibilities to global payment and settlement of online content. The creators of this content could reach hundreds of millions of global users through this decentralized network without any intermediaries,” Justin Sun wrote in the same blog.

 A system of paying TRX to seeders and charging downloaders TRX might be the part that Tron plays in BitTorrent.

A mention about Tron’s Secret project was also highlighted, stating that it will help strengthen the current BitTorrent protocol.

“Secret project will not associate itself with any mining projects, nor will it have any negative impact on BT user experience. For BT users, Secret Project is only going to strengthen the current BT protocol and make it stronger and more competent.”

Those of you who prefer the free version of downloading content through BitTorrent might be in for a system of monetization. Look at the upside of things though; eventually piracy which is being fought could help to be solved through a system of cryptocurrency payments in the P2P exchange most people have grown to love.

It will not be the first time P2P exchanges will use cryptocurrency for a payment system incase TRON’s plan is as predicted. Joystream is a torrent client which aims to improve exchanges of files through Bitcoin payments.

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