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UniLend’s Permissionless Protocol is all set to launch Moonriver Lending Rewards on 7th February

If Bitcoin gave us digital money, Ethereum gave us decentralized finance and UniLend pioneered the idea of permissionless money markets.  The lending protocol has been an innovative DeFi platform that has led the new wave of financial markets. Since its inception a year ago, UniLend has introduced novel features that have made it a key stakeholder in the blockchain industry. Users have leveraged low fees, automated rewards, and flash loans to maximize their capital. 

A frontrunner for Permissionless Money Markets 

Where UniLend truly excels is in its quest to become the first truly permissionless lending protocol. The current DeFi ecosystem is filled with different protocols that have, although revolutionary, failed to uphold the standards of DeFi which are decentralized finance for all.  UniLend has devised a unique protocol that resolves these problems with its upcoming UniLend V2 update set to launch in the coming weeks. UniLend V2 will feature a multichain permissionless protocol that allows users to access novel financial products.

Unilends Distinct Feature 

Unilend Finance is a permission-less decentralized finance protocol. It enables spot trading as well as lending and borrowing functions. It also does not restrict any ERC-20 token to be supported on the platform. Therefore, users can create a spot pair for any token and a separate money market pair. In doing so, Unilend Finance uses smart contracts to offer access to money markets. On the network, interest rates and collateral ratios are based on demand, supply, and community governance. Using this network DeFi users can create their own risk management strategies for lending, borrowing, and spot trading. Therefore, it creates a fusion of trading and DeFi capabilities on the same platform.

Moonriver Launch

DeFi lending protocol UniLend Finance has announced that its permissionless protocol will launch Moonriver lending rewards on February 7. UniLend V1 has been released on Moonriver, offering flash loans on the Kusama network. In addition, lenders on UniLend will receive more MOVR rewards. Her expansion to the Moonriver is a major step towards her multi-chain goal & making every digital asset productive.

Something Huge With Unilend

The Unilend Finance protocol is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. However, it works on the general Proof-of-Work consensus. The protocol offers multiple features to its users to create an immersive experience. The features collectively make it possible to create a one-stop DeFi platform. 

UniLend further expands the potential of DeFi with the introduction of permissionless listing. Projects can be listed on the platform without complex procedures and guidelines experience on major DeFi protocols. 

Users can also leverage the growing trend of NFTs on UniLend. This includes tokenizing, lending, and borrowing positions with NFTs. NFT holders can trade their debt tokenization in open markets to other traders. 

Exciting future ahead 

UniLend has pioneered a system that will revolutionize the blockchain and defi space for years to come. Beta Finance has already picked its idea of permissionless money markets, showing the influence UniLend has in the DeFi eco-space. 

To learn more about UniLend, visit the links below. 

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