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Uniswap Mobile Wallet App Free From Apple Jail and Live on iOS

On 13th April, Uniswap announced that Apple released Uniswap from its jail, giving it a full and official launch on all its devices.

After spending more than a month in limbo, Uniswap’s smartphone software obtained App Store clearance from Apple on Thursday, April 13th. The software was initially released on March 3rd, but it was only available to around 10,000 people in TestFlight at the time since the tech giant refused to greenlight it without providing much explanation.

However, recently, the crypto startup behind the DeFi trading platform Uniswap, Uniswap Labs, has landed a position in Apple’s App Store for their Wallet app.

The Uniswap Wallet iOS app is now available for customers in the United States and a few other countries, the business announced on Tuesday.

Further sharing updates on its launch on iOS devices, the platform also announced that: 

“Apple approved the wallet for use in several countries throughout the world. We’ll continue to launch in other countries as soon as Apple lets us.” 

Uniswap Mobile Wallet Updates and Accessibility on iOS: 

Users of the Uniswap Wallet can trade crypto assets on Ethereum’s mainnet as well as Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimist. It also allows users to buy cryptocurrency, view NFT details (but not trade them), choose “favorite” tokens and wallet addresses, and explore various cryptocurrencies. 

Uniswap Labs has also made the app’s code publicly available on GitHub. The wallet also supports multiple security features like FaceID and back-up seed phase as well as the accessibility to ERC20s, NFTs, and many of the user’s favortie wallets. 

Now, that barrier to launch appears to have been overcome for users in the United States, the United Kingdom, and France. However, we have yet to see whether or not Apple will authorize Uniswap’s mobile wallet app for usage in other countries.

Smartphone’s Vs. Web3 Apps: 

There has been tension in recent months between the smartphone industry and the realm of Web3 application developers. In particular, Apple has garnered attention for blocking Uniswap’s new self-custody wallet for about a month and rejecting an update to Coinbase’s app in late 2022, which prevented its users from trading NFTs. The problem was purportedly created by Apple’s insistence on collecting a 30% cut from all gas fees, in accordance with its larger policy

Now, because of the rise of web3, the conflict with established tech businesses, and the near-universal proliferation of smartphones, some developers have taken a more hardware-oriented approach. Solana revealed in 2022 that it is building a “web3-friendly” mobile phone named Saga, which would go on sale in May.

In addition, some blockchain organizations appear to have chosen to quit both iOS and Android on their own. For instance, Magic Eden’s NFT platform announced in early March that its app will no longer be supported on smartphone operating systems, but that the shift in focus will result in improvements elsewhere. So far, the non-fungible token marketplace appears to have fulfilled its promise, as it announced its extension to both the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains.

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