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Van de Poppe Gives Colossal Prediction of Bitcoin Going $40,000 When Altcoins Are Becoming Bullish

Michaël van de Poppe who is a popular trader from the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, has made a startling prediction for Bitcoin steadily reaching the $40000 mark shortly. 

A news post on Cryptoglobe claimed that popular crypto market trader and analyst Michaël van de Poppe predicted that the Bitcoin could easily go to new time highs of $40000. Poppe also felt that altcoins are beginning to rise in the bull market. 

Michael had tweeted on December 26 that Bitcoin is approaching his second Fibonacci point for interest. Poppe’s point of interest is at $25,000, and he strongly knows that the cryptocurrency market is going to new levels and easily cross the $40000 mark. 

Michaël van de Poppe, a trader from the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, had this to tweet about the cryptocurrency market. 

Users are cashing in on the current powerful run of the cryptocurrency market at the moment. However, van de Poppe also messaged through social media that the current bill run is much different from what was seen in the year 2017. 

During the 2017 market, cryptocurrency was crashing due to the BTC’s ATH of $19,700. Poppe also wanted marketers to be alert on the trade volume. Poppe says that the cryptocurrency can manage to go above $26000 without all the hype around it. 

It does not have to be close to those heights in 2017, making it a suitable investment. However, the analyst warned Twitter users that the vertical movements indicate something. They may end in a swift correction that at times can lead to sideways trading. 

But the bull market is very spot on for the moment and will last for a long period. Users must be willing to make use of the long horizon. According to the seasoned cryptocurrency trader, Altcoins, too, seems pretty good at the moment, who says investors must invest now. 

It is because of the bull market that is now designed flawlessly by Bitcoin. One can only hope that Poppe’s wins this time around.

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