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Web3 Gaming Trends: What To Expect in 2023

The gaming industry was shaken to its core when everyone witnessed the ushering of a new age of gaming. Blockchain gaming opened doors of possibilities once thought inaccessible considering the past gaming landscape we grew up with. 

From the standard quality of life improvements in the way we see gaming to magnificent features that we once thought impossible but are now almost just as staple as gaming itself, like earning from playing, among other benefits we enjoyed during the past few years. 

Coming in with even more promise and potential despite a tumultuous year for cryptocurrency and crypto-gaming, Web3 aims to reshape the landscape of entertainment once again, vying to make it better, more accessible, and more rewarding for both the player and the developer who painstakingly made the game. 

With the introduction of Web3 Gaming in the latter parts of 2022, it’s a wonder what blockchain-powered gaming could provide, and yet we’re seeing signs and visions of it already, even as early as now. 

So with that regard, let’s talk about what we could expect from Web3 Gaming this year, and let’s explore what the future brings to us gamers, thanks to blockchain, crypto, NFT, and more! 

But first, let’s talk about Web3! 

What is Web3, Anyway? 

Web3, or Web3.0 to some, is the third rendition or a massive upgrade from the Web2 Internet of Things (IOT). Consequently, the current version of the Internet we are enjoying tackled the concept of connectivity, and the next iteration of the Internet hopes to change how we perceive ownership over the Internet.

This future will be possible thanks to Blockchain Technology, a decentralized distributed ledger system that empowers everyone with immutable recorded data on the Internet, be it accounts, history of purchases, interactions, and gaming! 

Web3 Gaming at a Glance

With Web3 Gaming, the regular gamer is empowered with tools and features that give him an edge over someone who plays in a web2 layer of the Internet. From added security, profitability, identification, and more, Web3 Gaming offers everyone who holds a controller the right and the power to manage their data however they please. 

We’ve seen glimpses of Web3’s promise in previous Crypto games we enjoyed since 2020, from income streams and even exposure for some who dared to make an impression in the social media world; the world saw the potential of Web3 Gaming, which makes everyone even more excited to see what it could offer in the future. 

Having that said, let’s explore what 2023 has in store for Web3 Gaming! 

Web3 Gaming in 2023

While P2E (Play-to-Earn) and Collectibles have already run their course in the NFT gaming and Web3 gaming world for a time, there are still tons of new features and use cases that we could expect to come in the foreseeable future. 

Here are some of them.

Customizability in Web3 Games

While it was possible to modify games in Web2 thanks to the big brains that showed us how it’s done, there are still laws and regulations that gaming companies could use against the avid gamer, preventing them from enjoying the game they bought in their way. Add to this the fact that some Game companies banned and imposed ways to undermine the act of customizing the game entirely, leaving every gamer out there discouraged. 

Web3, with the introduction of the new age of gaming and ownership, shows promise in solving this problem by introducing features and tools that give every gamer the liberty to enjoy the game they love. This newfound freedom encourages the gamer to explore worlds of possibilities only their imagination could take them to without the pesky terms of service holding them down! 

On the other hand, certain gaming companies and entities like Elfin Kingdom Games took the time and effort to inspire every player to enjoy the games they release in their unique way without sacrificing the vision these game developers had when creating the titles! 


A topic that’s discussed as much as the profit potential in Web3 gaming, the introduction of interoperability in the world of new-age gaming excites every gamer and developer of the space, but why? 

For starters, interoperability will open doors for cross-platform gaming in the Web3 gaming space.

Currently, Web3 Gaming is controlled by PC and Smartphones, but with interoperability in the picture, other consoles and pieces of tech will be available to Web3 gaming, adding necessary accessibility to all gamers! 

But it doesn’t end there, as developers could also enjoy a piece of this interoperability pie! With features that streamline the process of creating a game between platforms, and interchangeable assets that bridge the gap between Fungible and Non-Fungible assets in the space, there will be more work for devs to complete, but every task will be faster and more efficient! 

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While we don’t see any substantial movements from Metaverse, the whole industry is still alive! Elfin Kingdom Games, for instance, is creating their very own version of a fantasy world encased in its own Metaverse, filled with pristine-level games and a community of developers and gamers that work towards the same goal! 

On the other hand, some visionaries in the space build not for themselves but for the entire infrastructure, where they create world-spanning metaverses where independent developers can build and release their games in!

This potential for growth shows that even without much going on and with critics left and right, Metaverse is still alive, and the idea of a virtual world where everything is possible thanks to Web3 is still within hand’s reach! 

AI In Web3 Gaming

Arguably one of the most controversial topics of today, AI shows potential in becoming a part of the Web3 Gaming landscape. With multiple applications ranging from better AI for standalone games, to interactive models/in-game characters that react in life-like ways, Web3 Gaming is bound to be turned upside down when AI becomes a bona fide addition in the Web3 landscape!

As of the moment, AI is still an uncharted world and while there‚Äôs still much to be explored, the world shows promise never before seen which could prove beneficial once Web3 gaming becomes the staple in the gaming world! 

Wrap up

Web3 gaming continues to change the whole industry to its liking and within the interests of the average gamer! With a new gaming paradigm that supports ownership, identity, and profit in all senses of the word, Web3 gaming cements itself as one of the most prolific changes we should expect once the next iteration of the Internet takes over! 

With game developers and entities like Elfin Games/Elfin Kingdom, ensuring that the player’s interests are the utmost priority while taking the welfare of their dear developers in mind, there’s no doubt that Web3 will change the game (pun-intended) for the better!

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