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Weekly Crypto News Updates of 24st April- 1st May 2023

From the ongoing meme coin frenzy to uncertainty in the crypto market and the slowdown in the sales of NFTs – there is a lot going on in the crypto market since 2023 began. 

Although the 2022 cold winter for the crypto market is long gone, there is no denying that this competitive market is full of unsteady price falls and rises every now and then. 

So if you’re a crypto investor, collector, or creator – keeping up with the latest crypto news and updates is just what you need to make the right move in the unsteady market. 

Taking the latest crypto news and updates into account, let’s explore how the end of April 2023 went for the crypto market. 

Top Weekly Crypto News To Look Out For: 

  • Coinbase is seeking an answer from the SEC regarding a regulation that is unique to digital assets through a lawsuit.

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  • The number of Bitcoin transactions has reached a record high, and the number of inscriptions has increased.

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Stay tuned to for more crypto news updates. 

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