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Welcome to the 1st Anniversary of AfroDex Labs

It is our great pleasure to announce that January 3 will mark 1 year that our team started to deliver our best to the African crypto-currency community, and we shall henceforth open for global operations.

Knowing that the achievements in the past 1 year have been made because of your support, we promise to dedicate 2 whole months towards rewarding our community… In this month of December and the next January, it will be packed with a lot of activities that will be rewarding for our supporting community.

Please follow all our update channels to get news as they are released.

Activities Highlights

There will be various activities to basically reward our members for their trust in us.

1. Bounties

There will be giveaways in the following structures:

– Airdrops that will be generally for both new and existing members, including AfroX, AFDLT and some tokens we may decide to giveaway

– Some airdrops will however require a minimum of AfroX balance held in your account to participate or to be in the top 100 holder list of AfroX

– Some giveaways will be in ratio of AfroX held in your account

– Bounties that will require task participation

2. Free Token Listing

From this moment until we choose to stop or maybe until the end of January, 2020, we will conduct free listings for ERC 20 tokens in the following platforms:

– AfroDex Labs Exchange
– Multipurpose telegram wallet
– AfroDex CrowdFund/LaunchPad

Tokens will be listed with the following requirements:

FREE LISTING structure

– Total FREE listing for any token (erc20 token asset) that is listed on coin market cap

– 100,000,000 AfroX fee only for any token (erc20 token asset) that is listed in any of the following: coin gecko, coin paprika, coincodex and blockfolio

– 1,000,000,000 AfroX fee only for any token (erc20 token asset) that is not listed on any of the above


– Token team must post the partnership news on their various social media channels and inform their currency holders

– Must generate sign ups to AfroDex platform they intend to list on from their community

Tokens/Projects who are willing to give airdrops will be welcome and with higher consideration.

To apply for token listing see Token Listing Application at the end of this announcement.

Note: We will evaluate your token details and community for approval before you proceed.

3. Etherscan, Coinmarketcap, Blockfolio, Coingecko, Coincodex, Coinpaparika and other Listing Platforms

This is a core part of our plan and activities for this anniversary month.

We believe we have waited long enough and we will put together resources and even bounties to get listed.

We also believe that this will bring more reward to our investors and will improve both the volumes on the exchange and the global price of AfroX.

Please follow the right bounty channels and perform task to participate in the 1trillion $AfroX bounty attached to this event.

Join our Telegram Group for more info:

More activities will still be announced.

Please note that there will be more activities announced.
Stay updated!!!

Thanks and Regards,

The entire AfroDex Labs Team.

Token Listing Application:

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