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Who is the biggest winner of Bitcoin’s rally – Dogecoin

Dogecoin was the biggest winner of Bitcoin’s rally last week. Besides that, it also got some deserved attention from Angela White, who is Australia’s adult star actor. 

A news post on cryptonews19 claimed that DOGE prices surged to 105% just in a single week. The meme-based altcoin, Dogecoin, or DOGE led the altcoin action hitting more than 1% after being endorsed by Angela White, an Australian adult film star.

White had tweeted about owning DOGE holdings and even changed her profile on Twitter. Because of that, an instant 125% price increase in DOGE/USD resulted that even had more impact than what it received after getting approval from Billionaire Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla.

White had said on her Twitter on January 2nd; she has holdings in her DOGE since 2014. who is a crypto and forex news aggregator, had this to tweet on the development of Angela White endorsing DOGE.

Nobody knows for sure why White suddenly decided to reveal her holdings and endorse the DOGE now. However, DOGE is still enjoying all the publicity, surging more than 100% last week. 

The same could not be said about BTC, which saw some downturn. DOGE/USD had one more significant achievement by cracking the psychologically 1 cent mark. It helped the altcoin reaching new horizons not seen before from 2018. 

But the Shiba Inu is quite far from the highs it achieved of $0.0153 from that month. The porn industry seems to have massive effects on the altcoin as last month found Verge (XVG) surge ahead because it had cryptocurrency only as its payment option.

Wow! Elon Musk’s Favorite Crypto Dogecoin up 121%

A news post on decrypt has claimed the same, with DOGE hitting 121% in just a day. These are good signs with the cryptocurrency market rising in the new year 2021 and the price of Bitcoin going to new records. 

Investors have shown a massive interest in Ethereum, and Defi continues to grow. The irony about DOGE is mind-boggling because it was designed just for fun. Today, it comes with a market cap of $1.3 billion when compared with other altcoins. 

During last year, the altcoin was worth $0.00204887. Today it is worth more than 441%. Elon Musk had openly stated that it was his favorite altcoin sending the prices surging ahead. Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer designed DOGE in 2013 to compete with Bitcoin. 

Currently, it ranks among the top 30 cryptocurrencies in the world. Besides, alternative cryptocurrencies are noting their fortunes surge after few years of downturn. A notable cryptocurrency would be Ether (ETH), which came back strongly at $1,000 overnight.

Market analysts feel that if altcoins push more challenging in the cryptocurrency scenario, then they can enjoy the spotlight. This is also to enable them to gain through the Bitcoin’s gains received in the summer season. 

Michaël van de Poppe, a Cointelegraph market analyst, said that earlier, people felt that altcoins might not do well anymore. Not to mention the Bitcoin surged ahead towards the 80% mark. 

However, altcoins proved everybody wrong in 2021.

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