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Why “CryptoUnit – Scam” Just Does Not Add Up

The crypto market has matured greatly since the heyday of ICOs and a new breed of advanced projects has emerged that have adapted to the realities of modern economics and are aiming to serve their audiences in the modern financial realm.

One of the most recent additions to the crypto world is the CryptoUnit project. CryptoUnit is a financial program that provides the unique opportunity of becoming a co-owner, shareholder and stakeholder of a major fund, which operates in all 20 major sectors of the investment market.

CryptoUnit scam” is the logical query that users would enter upon reading about the project. However, the CryptoUnit scam scenario does not work, as the project has been verified by some of the leading opinion makers of the market and has a considerable product and value offering to provide its users.

The idea behind CryptoUnit is the creation of a wholesome financial platform giving the possibility of earning on the opportunities presented by both digital assets and the proprietary products of the program. The funds raised as part of the CryptoUnit project are being used to expand the existing portfolio of the underlying fund, which is currently valued at over $120, with other profitable investment instruments.

One of the main reasons why “CryptoUnit scam” does not apply is because each member of the CryptoUnit Program will become the owner of a share of the Global Investment Portfolio. The share is determined by the number of CryptoUnit tokens with monthly income generation after the acquisition of a legal certificate. The holders will be able to receive dividends in the amount of 8 to 35% of the profits from the assets of the Global Investment Portfolio.

The three main sources of income for CryptoUnit Program participants include dividends from company shares, icommissions from sold IEPs, and an increase in the exchange value of portfolio assets.

The CryptoUnit scam scenario is also nullified by the fact that the project will be running an STO. Unlike ICOs, the risk of STO fraud is minimal due to the high level of investor protection and backing of the tokens by company shares. Companies undergoing STOs are subject to additional regulatory and reporting requirements. In addition, an independent Asset Management Company will be selected by open voting of the token holders.

The CryptoUnit Program has already reached the next stage of its development, as the CRU token will be undergoing its STO after the green light has been given by the US Securities Commission.

The security provided by the CryptoUnit Program will grant CRU token holders the benefit of stable asset value growth. The CryptoUnit Program also offers Educational Investment Programs for its participants and loyalty program payments to ensure the growth and involvement of the community.

Not all new projects are scams and CryptoUnit is one of the honest programs aiming to expand its community.

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