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Why is Student Coin $STC the latest addition to the crypto revolution?

The cryptocurrency industry has come a long way from just being an alternate digital payment source and has several use cases now. With the latest addition of the DeFi and blockchain technology in the crypto world, new opportunities have opened up for people to adapt to the digital world. 

Student Coin $STC is the latest addition to the crypto space and, quite frankly, one of the best we have seen so far. It is a unique platform where crypto users can create, design, and manage all their crypto assets such as corporate, personal, DeFi, and NFT tokens. The platform is also working to develop an exchange with a wallet where users can trade and swap their coins. 

About Student Coin

Student Coin has a strong team of 44 people from 12 different countries, along with the founder and CEO, Wojciech Podabos. The name Student Coin came from the idea to empower students and issue them individual tokens that investors can purchase to support them for education and tuition costs. The platform incentivizes investors by providing them a percentage from the student’s future earnings they chose to invest in, making it a win-win situation.

The idea behind Student Coin was born in 2018 when the company created an educational token for Kozminski University’s student club in Warsaw. It was an immediate success and quickly gained popularity and traction. So, the company decided to offer its services to other universities until gradually it became a global phenomenon.

Currently, Student Coin enlists students from over 500 international institutions, including prominent schools such as Harvard, NYU, and London School of Economics. Seeing the eminent success, Student Coin decided to design an ecosystem where any student club, organization, corporation, or individual can launch a token and manage it. 

$STC – The utility token

$STC is the company’s utility token that powers the whole ecosystem and facilitates investors to become a part of the community. The ICO of Student Coin was a successful endeavor, and the company even managed to raise over $28 Million. To become a part of the community and get your hands on the token, you can visit the Student Coin Launchpad to participate in the ICO, which is available until April 30th. 

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