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Zionodes – Making Bitcoin Mining Simpler

  • Zionodes is your one-stop solution for Bitcoin mining with tokenization.
  • New users will find the going tough with Bitcoin mining.
  • Zionodes provides you with the right kind of platform for entering Bitcoin Mining.

Why is Bitcoin mining complicated for new users? 

Let us face it; Bitcoin mining is a tedious process. For starters, one needs a colossal investment, barrage to setup, and then the right of people along with equipment to begin. If you are a new user, then things may not work out as planned. 

This is probably one of the major reasons why many wannabe Bitcoin miners lose interest at the beginning itself. Worry not because Zionodes is an exceptional platform for you to take things to a new level. 

They can help you do Bitcoin mining differently. Zionodes enables mining possible among users because they provide a transparent, low budget, and trustworthy platform to do so. 

They are not keen to use the traditional models and infuse new models that are profitable for players. Hence, it is not surprising that they have merged with DeFi for mining. This model enables Bitcoin miners to earn back what they have invested. 

Zionodes was formed by two individuals, Matvii Sovoraksha and Olga Kochmar, who wanted to give something to society, despite having an entrepreneurial mindset. Sovoraksha and Kochmar have always been excited about Bitcoin mining and wanted to contribute in some way to the market.

Matvii Sovoraksha is the CEO of Madfish, and Olga Kochmar is the Founding member of the Bitcoin Mining Association of Hong Kong.

They wanted to design a platform for people with similar mindsets who wish to contribute in their own way to the industry. Most importantly, it is a tokenized ASIC platform.

Significant benefits of using Zionodes

A news report on gulfnews, which is a popular news portal in the Gulf region, has highlighted few benefits of using Zionodes. 

  • Zionodes has the capability to simplify issues with the traditional method found on most mining platforms. For example, users can make use of the low cost of machines, transparency, increased ROI, two-layered security, etc.
  • Zionodes is a unique platform that aggregates data centers, miners and sells the hardware in one place. 
  • They are based in Singapore and have branches worldwide in different regions of the Asia Pacific and Eastern Europe. They are the first to adopt the DLT technology.
  • Zionodes ensures all of the ASICs are instantly available after two weeks of installation to users. 

Besides the above benefits, uses have immense access to historical records of all operations happening on the process to ensure nothing untoward happens. Users will be delighted to make use of the onboarding period of just two weeks, which is the shortest period for gaining the mining facilities.

The Zionodes Tokenization

This is perhaps one of the most significant factors of using Zionodes. Users have to purchase the equipment. The equipment should be in the form of an ERC20 token. Then they have to review the reward of mining. 

The user has to stake a token on the smart contract on their website. A small fee is deducted for the power costs. Users need not worry about their equipment, and the reward arrives on time. 

It is without a doubt that Zionodes is a must-have in today’s technology-filled crypto world vying with each other for eloquent solution for Bitcoin mining. Additionally, users can also expand their ASCI portfolio, enabling them to receive complete ownership of the machine. 

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