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Why Success-Based Crypto PR Firms Are the New Industry Standard

There are many factors that make a crypto project successful; good underlying technology, a genuine market gap that is being filled, good management, and, of course, good PR. In a market as competitive as crypto, it is fairly easy for even the best projects to fly under the radar without good PR. 

This is where crypto PR firms come in as they are the ones that drum up publicity for these projects and put them at the forefront of consumers’ minds. While the crypto PR space has been established for years now, a new niche is springing up to become the industry standard. 

This is referring to success-based crypto PR firms which are redefining the ways that businesses within the space are served. 

What is a Success-Based Crypto PR Firm?

As the name would imply, a success-based crypto PR firm is one that emphasizes success and metric attainment as opposed to only strategy. When a business signs up with a PR firm, a publicity strategy is usually outlined. In this strategy, the firm decides on how publicity will be created for the business in question.  

This seems straightforward enough but there is a catch; there isn’t a guarantee that the efforts of the PR company will be successful. For example, the PR company might distribute the press release for the new project as part of its strategy but there is no guarantee that it will be picked up or published by top websites. 

The agency might also push for features on popular websites that crypto lovers visit but again, there is no guarantee that the features will go through. If the agency does all of this but no significant publications are secured, the business still has to pay the agency fee. 

Success-based crypto PR firms completely go against this idea by only charging based on success and not a strategy. With a success-based PR agency CTRL PR, for example, you might choose a package that promises publication in X number of publications or in certain publications like Forbes. 

The agency only charges the client if the publication efforts are successful. If they are not, no charge is made. But oftentimes, success-based agencies like CTRL PR are able to make this no-success-no-pay guarantee because they have a strong network of publications that they have a good working relationship with. 

As Navid Ladani, the founder of CTRL PR, explains, “We’ve made it our priority to have a good relationship with publications and a great network within the PR industry.”

Why Does the Industry Need Them?

Success-based crypto PR is very essential as the industry continues to mature for many reasons. First, businesses that are newer to the space might not have the funds to burn to hope for good PR as they might end up doing with traditional agencies. For innovative new projects that want to rise to the top, some guarantee of results is needed. 

Also, even the most established businesses need to be able to corner the market when it comes to PR. The sheer number of crypto and blockchain projects coming out each day means the market is more profitable and more competitive than ever before. 

Luckily, success-based crypto PR firms are responding to these market changes by giving businesses what they need; value for their money and genuine results. 

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