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Winklevoss Twins releasing exclusive NFT on Etherenity Chain (ERN)

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, legendary Bitcoin advocates and the founders of Gemini, will be immortalized by the flagship NFT project Ethernity Chain (ERN). Ethernity Chain addresses NFTs and offers a unique marketplace where users can buy, sell and trade exclusive collectibles. 

According to the official statement by the product team, the collectibles that include three NFTs were released on May 29. These collectibles and digital cards will memorize the Olympic Rowing pair and are available in three different editions, Legendary, Epic and Common. 

These three series were created by a collaboration between Visual Labs and Eternity Chain (ERN). These collectibles were long-awaited, and over 100 cards from a total of 250 were sold two days after release. 

The Legendary edition has only 34 cards available from 50, Epic edition has 68 cards available from 100, and the Common edition has 126 cards left from 200. They are only available at the Ethernity Chain marketplace among their other NFT collectibles. 

The Winklevoss twins co-founded Gemini and are serial Bitcoin advocates and enthusiasts. With this move, they want to show their support to the NFT movement. 

“We are honoured to be ‘turned’ into NFTs with this collection on Ethernity Chain. We firmly believe that NFTs are here to stay, and being immortalized on the blockchain is perhaps the most fitting way to express our support for this revolutionary movement.”

All three series were released as part of its Authenticated NFT (aNFT) offering, which has additional security against counterfeit tokens. 

Tokenizing of Celebrities

Several celebrities have launched their personal NFT collectibles in the past few months, including some famous musicians and sports teams. To ensure the authenticity of these collectibles Ethernity team uses aNFT, which guarantees that tokens come from their intended creators. 

The majority of these NFTs are created to fund charities, and the Winklevoss collection is no different. About 90% of the revenue generated from the token will be donated to nonprofits such as Row New York, an NYC- based charity foundation. Row New York has tasked itself to expand the accessibility to rowing in the region.

As the Winklevoss brothers are a legendary Olympic Rowing pair, this charity falls right into their play area and will help them promote the sport.

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