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YieldWallet’s Tezos (XTZ) Baker now Accepting Delegations

After a multi-week testing period, Yieldwallet’s Tezos baker is finally starting to accept delegations. Tezos is one of the important blockchains that Yieldwallet has committed to supporting by running a Baking delegation service and giving back to the community with open source contributions like Block explorers and other tools.

Tezos’ experimental approach with on-chain governance and attempt to solve the problem of contentious hard forks has the community excited. The Tezos foundation is also deploying a significant war chest in order to develop and upgrade the network’s capabilities and now seems an opportune moment for Firms and Individuals to invest in and support the Cryptocurrency.

Why Delegate to YieldWallet?

YieldWallet has vast experience in the Crypto space having run operations in everything from Mining and running Validators to building exchanges, wallets and stablecoins. Specifically, the team has run nodes for DASH, Horizen and others while staking to currencies such as Decred, LivePeer, Tezos, and Cosmos.

This experience coupled with a geographically distributed tech support and customer support team will ensure good coverage and support for any services they deploy. 

Moreover, YieldWallet has taken a stance in further backing the Tezos ecosystem by flowing a portion of its reward earned through Baking towards the growth of the network and blockchain software.

Here’s the delegation address for those interested in it – tz1Q8QkSBS63ZQnH3fBTiAMPes9R666Rn6Sc

The company charges a fee of 8 percent and the remaining 92 percent is awarded to people delegating. Learn more about their service and how to buy and delegate Tezos here:

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