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YOU could be the ultimate Queen of Crypto

How would you like to end the year as the one and only true Queen of Crypto, crown and all? Well, with the fantastic new Cryptons on offer from Crypto Labs, the one and only Queen Elizabeth II could be yours. You don’t have to be blue blooded to inherit the crown, nor do you have to speak with a plum in your mouth or have your own pack of corgies. You can of course take your new personality as far as you wish to – and with the custom tag line you can bring a touch of your own personality and make the Queen’s speech your own.

If you are concerned by the current family tree and the royal successor, you can also change the course of history forever with the Mating Game. Just imagine the fun you could have, and the havoc you could wreak upon the royal world! The balcony at Buckingham Palace might never look the same again…

You can download your crypton, let the world hear it on social media and even become the next royal superstar with a little creativity and commitment – the only limit is your imagination.

Cryptons are beautiful and expressive but fictional versions of real life public figures which exist on the Ethereum blockchain through an immutable smart contract, and can be bought and sold via Ether using a MetaMask wallet.

So, if you are ready to be the true Queen of Crypto, head over to My Cryptons now and get your hands on this figure befire someone beats you to it!

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