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Your Identity is your Most Important Asset

With so many diverse projects signing up and claiming their spot on the metaverse, Web 3.0 holds so much promise for decentralization and consumer utility outside of traditional technology service provision. Undoubtedly, Web 3.0 is still nascent and is constantly evolving. Having understood the risks that abound within this space, security mechanisms and vigilance are required to combat the new risks that are emerging as Web 3.0  grows, and to facilitate the expansion of this new environment.

Effective protective measures need to be employed to bridge the unseeming grave effect ahead. PhotoChromic provides the user with a holistic view of, and autonomous control over,  their digital identity.

The burden that lingers in the digital space is the challenge of digital identity and, in some cases, is a consequence of using multiple platforms, social networks, and websites upon which Web 2.0 functions, users having splintered identities, and so on. When transacting online, users are required to repeatedly verify themselves digitally. Without a robust biometric authentication process, users run the risk of transacting with counterparties that are not authentic.

What is the PhotoSapiens Genesis Collection?

The PhotoSapiens Genesis Collection will be launched on the 5th of February, 2022. This first collection creates a community DAO and aggregates the choice of generative art options and the opinions of community members who believe in the value of their identity. When the biometrically verified NFTs are released for public use by PhotoChromic, these NFT holders will participate in multiple facets of the project.

The PhotoSapiens Genesis Collection holders are the “Founding Fathers” of all future PhotoSapiens. 10,000 global citizens are standing up to protect their identity and unlock the future of a secured digital identity in a Web3.0 world. 

Here’s how to mint your PhotoSapiens Genesis Collection NFT: 

  1. Go to
  2. Connect your MetaMask Wallet.
  3. Upload a photograph of yourself — a head and shoulders image. 
  4. Adjust the texture, colors, and identifiability of your image.
  5. Mint your PhotoSapien by confirming the transaction in your wallet.
  6. It’s an ERC-721, Ethereum NFT, so you can keep it in your wallet, transfer it elsewhere, or even list it for sale.

From HomoSapien to PhotoSapien

Given the challenges of digital identity, the evolution from HomoSapien to PhotoSapien exists to empower the community to collectively reclaim control and ownership of their digital identity. 

As a PhotoSapien, a unique digital identity on an NFT can be used across the Blockchain, without having to expose personally identifiable information. 

There are two collections of PhotoSapiens: namely the Genesis and Soulbound Editions. The Genesis Edition is the first collection of NFTsthat will define and direct the journey of PhotoChromic. The Soulbound Collection of the PhotoSapiens is a biometrically-enabled NFT that can be used to authenticate, verify and attest identity on the Blockchain. 

The details and timings

Sat 5 Feb 2022 – 7AM UTC -> Whitelist sale

Sun 6 Feb 2022 – 7AM UTC -> Public sale

This is a huge opportunity to gain full control over your ultimate asset: your identity!

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