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Zionodes offers Chia Farming- The green alternative!

Several environmentalists and crypto enthusiasts have been worried about the carbon footprint of Bitcoin mining. Even Elon Musk raised his concern about this issue and decided to stop accepting Bitcoin as a payment mode of Tesla. While this step from the global crypto influencer was considered a strategic decision by many, the high power consumption for Bitcoin mining is undeniable. 

Amidst this chaos, a new contender rose that claims to be the “green alternative to Bitcoin.” Chia is a cryptocurrency that evidently has a much lower carbon footprint than Bitcoin as it uses Proof of Space and Proof of Time protocol to farm currency. Chia utilizes unused hard disk space on personal computers to plot farms, where Chia can be mined. 

As Chia does not require ASIC miners but only storage capacities, it consumes low energy. The cryptocurrency is efficient in generating farming rewards, stable and continuous profits than its competitors. There is no other cryptocurrency that utilized PoS and PoT protocols giving it a competitive edge. 

Zionodes Capitalizing on Chia

Zionodes became one of the first companies to capitalize on this opportunity and offer professional farming services. As Chia does not require mining hardware but a storage solution, Zionodes offers a 10PiB Chia eco-green power-saving super storage mining machine for VIP clients currently in Montreal, Canada only. However, the company plans to expand its service soon globally. 

This venture from Zionodes is backed by NASDAQ: TOP: US and will provide a Fully Autonomous Mining Tier-3 Data Center. Apart from this, Zionodes is also offering :

  • Hardware perpetual ownership
  • Top components with three years official warranty
  • Finish plotting 1PiB within one day
  • Dedicated IDC level customer support
  • Top-notch engineers 24/7 supervision
  • Customizable Hashpower Plans

These features combined will make Chia a profitable investment and help farmers earn greater rewards than other cryptocurrencies. 

The need for sustainable methods of farming and mining is more important now than ever. China recently announced its plan to monitor energy-extensive processes, including Bitcoin mining which resulted in a massive dump of Bitcoin and caused its price to fall considerably. 

With alternatives such as Chia, the cryptocurrency market can continue to thrive while promoting sustainable development. 

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