Sci-fi Card Game NFT Parallel Gets a $500 Million Valuation from Paradigm

Blockchain was not only unknown a few years ago, but it also had a shady undertone because people believed it was an industry with hidden agendas, but now it is a multi-billion-dollar sector with millions of active participants. The last few years have been revolutionary for the blockchain space as multiple

Multicoin Announces Plans for Huge Fundraising

Over the last six months, the crypto community has witnessed intense growth and seen multiple adoptions from different firms. Global giants such as Facebook, Twitter, and several sports teams have all announced different partnerships and sponsorship deals with different crypto firms. The crypto space has become more competitive than it ever

Grayscale Hints at Plans to Convert Bitcoin Trust into BTC-settled ETF

Grayscale, an institutional investment firm, recently announced its plans to convert its Bitcoin trust into a settled exchange-traded fund (ETF). The decision was made known by Barry Silbert, CEO of Grayscale’s parent company, Digital Currency Group. Silbert hinted that the investment giant is planning to convert its Bitcoin trust into

Defi Warrior Continues to Make Waves in the Blockchain Gaming Space

As cryptocurrency continues to grow in popularity, businesses all over the world are seeking new ways to incorporate this limitless technology into their major products and services. Online gaming has become a hotbed for innovative ideas in this field. Developers are coming up with innovative ways to use cryptos to

Blockchain Tools and Consultancy Firm, ConsenSys, Lays Out Funding Plans

In a recent report, Ethereum blockchain tools and consultancy firm ConsenSys is said to be in discussions about expanding its platform by raising funds valued at $3 billion. This comes months after it raised $19 million from several blockchain firms and global corporations such as JP Morgan, Mastercard, UBS, and

Bitkraft Ventures raises $75 Million in Funding for Blockchain Gaming

Blockchain gaming has grown popular over the last few months and has accounted for a huge chunk of the revenues generated in the crypto space. Games like Axie Infinity have proved that blockchain-based gaming can be both exciting and rewarding as it offers users a chance to earn from their