Forward Protocol – Toolkits for Decentralized Value-Driven Economy

Web 3.0 applications have changed the way users interact with the internet by offering better security and transparency.  Forward Protocol is the “WordPress” for Web 3.0 with easy-to-use applications and digital assets. Powered by a modular architecture and five ready-to-deploy fully customizable smart contracts, the project offers a plug-and-play, no-code, and

Here’s all to know about the Binance Smart Chain Bruno Upgrade

Cryptocurrency network Binance Smart Chain recently revealed that it would receive a BSC Bruno Upgrade v.1.1.5 on November 30. The upgrade has piqued BSC users' interest in what a Bruno upgrade entails. With over 2 million daily active users, BSC is one of the most active cryptocurrency networks. Within 24 hours,

Polygon Network and Clearpool have Announced a New partnership. Here’s all to know

Following recent developments, the Polygon ecosystem will be home to Clearpool, the first decentralized marketplace for unprotected liquidity on the blockchain. Clearpool will integrate the full-stack scaling solution to give its consumers more access and better capabilities. Polygon is the world's first well-structured, simple-to-use Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development platform. Polygon

Panther Protocol’s Public Sale ends in 90 minutes, with $22 million Generated in Sales

Panther Protocol, an end-to-end privacy solution that creates anonymity for DeFi and Web3 subscribers throughout blockchain systems, has generated more than 22 million dollars in its public sale. With the auction ending in less than 90 minutes, the total money raised is now $32 million. New infrastructure is required to achieve

How Decentraland Is Transforming the Metaverse Ecosystem

Throughout the epidemic, people have turned to the digital world to interact with friends and family or seek pleasure. The term "metaverse" has risen in popularity more than ever. What is Metaverse? The metaverse is a completely different environment and perspective than today's virtual reality, in which bulky headsets isolate players and

Pantera Announces Fresh Cash Injection Amidst Growing Interest from Investors in Crypto

Pantera Capital, one of the first digital asset management firms in the United States, has received $600 million in its fourth venture round, with institutional investors such as pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, and endowments accounting for 75% of the money. The bulk of investment firms in the crypto sector may

Circle Leads Investment into Crowdcube to help Global Startups Raise Money Faster

Circle, an infrastructure company and operator of SeedInvest, a leading startup fundraising platform in the United States, has announced its role in leading Crowdcube's $13.5 million round by taking a $10.5 million stake in the company, bringing two of the most leading and efficient platforms in their respective markets together.  Crowdcube

ECC Releases a Roadmap for the Coming Years, Unveils Plans to Migrate to a Proof of Stake Model

Digital Currency Group CEO Barry Silbert's tweets are known to ignite movements within the crypto space and spark new trends. Earlier this month, his tweet reportedly caused the price of crypto King Bitcoin to move past the $65,000 level for the first time since October. Barry's tweets hold much power within

Accelerating Healthcare Delivery with Blockchain

Healthcare organizations and providers all over the world are struggling to provide adequate and timely healthcare services due to mismanagement and inefficient delivery systems.  As a result, exploration is being done around new avenues that can optimize the global healthcare industry for better delivery of healthcare services. Among the contenders, blockchain