Exclusive Pre-Sale from Scallop for MahaDAO Community

Scallop is the world’s first DeFi enabled neo-bank that uses blockchain to create a secure and safe bridge between traditional and decentralized finance. The start-up is incubated by MahaDAO and offers the first neo-banking facility with the full cryptocurrency experience. This partnership bore many fruits as now Scallop is offering

Dolphin ($DLP) by CoinDolph

One of the main attractions of cryptocurrencies is passive income. Crypto investors can earn enormous interest and profits much more than traditional banking systems by simply holding crypto tokens. Also, holding cryptocurrencies reduces the volatility of the market, which in turn generates better yields.  Dolphin by CoinDolph is one such platform

100 Days of Code Demo Day by Blockchained India

Blockchained India has taken it upon itself to educate Indian about the potential of Blockchain technology by creating an open community for blockchain enthusiasts. They teach and educate by conducting virtual and physical events and are currently accessible in four cities with over 50,000 members.  The latest event from Blockchained India

EthereumCum, a Disruptive DeFi platform for Adult Entertainment Industry

An interesting new project has emerged for the crypto ecosystem. EthereumCum combines the best of blockchain and adult entertainment to create a simple yet unique project that will help establish a strong network between both worlds.  While the crypto industry has integrated itself into most industries such as sports, film, music,

US Hedge Funds likely to hold 10.6% Crypto Assets in five years

Cryptocurrencies and other blockchain assets such as NFTs, altcoins, etc., are quickly taking over the investment world. Those days when holding real estate or stocks were the only investment opportunities are quickly becoming the things of the past. Instead, Crypto assets are becoming the preferred choice, as evident from the

Mythical Games, a blockchain-based game developer, raises $75M

NFTs have found widespread applications in unimaginable sectors. Tokenization of assets has been around for some time now but only recently found traction. From music, photography, sports to gaming industries, NFTs have tokenized every part of our digital world. While the gaming industry continues to grow globally, it is still structured