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ScallopX – One-stop-shop solutions for bringing cryptocurrencies to mainstream

Digital currencies have been there for a long time, but an unintended push thanks to the pandemic have steered its journey forward. The procreation of cryptocurrencies has pushed the digital currency market to an all-new level with users wishing to use cryptos for their daily transactions. But systems fractured by

Cambridge and Oxford Students Compete to Make Money on Crypto Markets

Students from the prestigious universities of Cambridge and Oxford will compete with each other to design the top-notch crypto trading algorithm. The algorithmic trading competition will be conducted by APEX:E3. The winner gets to take everything. A news article on Btcmanager has stated that Apex:E3, SIX Digital Exchange, ConsenSys Mesh, Coinbase Pro,

Trading of Bitcoin on Binance Sets a New Record with All-Time High Price

The futures on total trading volumes and open interest on Binance, has set an all-time high price. With Bitcoin's ongoing bull run, the volume of crypto trading and Bitcoin futures have soared on Binance. According to a news publication on Decrypt Bitcoin was able to break the $19000 mark seamlessly. It

From Actual Gold To Digital Gold, GoldFinX Achieves Sustainable Gold Mining with cryptocurrency

A Bright Future For Gold The price of gold has spiked by nearly 30% this year,  and recently exceeded the level of US$2030 per ounce. The current gold market is optimistic due to risks associated with the upcoming US election  and global pandemic. UBS predicts the price of gold will continue

Bitcoin Whales Exit Markets To Leverage Uptrend

Bitcoin's value has reached its highest valuation on 12 October, surpassing the 10K range that it could not break out for long. Over the last few weeks, the cryptocurrency was stuck within the 10000 USD bracket, and experts feared a perpetual stagnation in the long run. Bitcoin On A Uptrend However, If

COTI launches Decentralized Market Fear Index cVIX

COTI has announced investing its resources and efforts to develop a first-ever Decentralized stock market volatility index similar to VIX Index. The index would be named as cVIX and would help  crypto traders extensively. It would provide a volatility index of the various cryptocurrencies based on the option prices taking projected

Ripple’s Partner MoneyGram Running Strong with Triple Digit Growth Month on Month

MoneyGram is showcasing tremendous triple digit increase in its digital cross border payments business as it records continuous nine months transactional growth. Ripple partner has announced that it recorded strong growth in the cross-border transactions with 161 percent growth over the years. It's e-commerce or direct to customer platform MoneyGram