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Libereum Eyes to Disrupt Sports With Crypto

Libereum, a Dutch cryptocurrency firm, is building a users’ network in the sports industry. Based on Ethereum blockchain ERC 20 token, Libereum plans to create a new environment around the sports club globally with LIBER token as the leading currency. “Libereum intends to break the system where crypto is reserved for

Ivan on Tech Makes Blockchain Learning Simple

Ivan on tech, a blockchain and crypto learning websites is making blockchain learning courses easier. Their innovative ideas for digital learning has 15000 students enrolled and taking classes. Blockchain technology that made its debut with Bitcoin is quite essential today. The technology has become of the very important and probably the

YieldWallet’s Tezos (XTZ) Baker now Accepting Delegations

After a multi-week testing period, Yieldwallet’s Tezos baker is finally starting to accept delegations. Tezos is one of the important blockchains that Yieldwallet has committed to supporting by running a Baking delegation service and giving back to the community with open source contributions like Block explorers and other tools. Tezos’ experimental

Bitcoin continues to surge, reaches $8,100

The recent surge in value in the cryptomarkets has continued, despite a short-term return to slightly lower levels. At the time writing, Bitcoin is trading at £8050 and still enjoying a green chart with growth in the double figures. Other major currencies are also enjoying a spring revival, with Ethereum

Amazon reveals next step in Blockchain services

Amazon | Inside Crypto Today

Retail giant Amazon has renewed it's commitment to making things happen as far as cryptocurrency and blockchain are concerned. In the latest development, Amazon have annonuced the release of a new tool that enables users to create and manage scalable blockchain networks via public-blockchains, like Ethereum, and private and permissioned blockchains, through their

Zoreum Blockchain Lab’s Unique Approach to Combating Fake Medicines – AsliMedicine

  The co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Zoreum Labs, RamKrishna is an innovative entrepreneur taking the approach of Blockchain to a whole other level and ensuring that a growing issue of fake medicines is countered. In other words, he is utilising modern technology in solving a social problem that is

Bitcoin Back Above $4k

After an incredibly prolonged period in the $3k range, bitcoin has finally broken through the barrier and returned to $4k territory, with a value of $4087 USD and a 24h increase of 1.04% at the time of writing. The strength of the market has been building slowly but steadily over