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Advantages and Disadvantages of a Central Bank Digital Currency

Nowadays Central Banks are paving towards creating their own digital currencies which are diametrically different from the idealogy that drives cryptomarkets that debases the authority over money. The central bank digital currencies endow with cash-like liquidity safety for peer-to-peer payments. The Central Bank digital currencies are traditional forms of money but

Congress announces financial relief for household and industries – Bitcoin may benefit in the long run

While COVID-19 has created mayhem worldwide, the US has announced some relief packages for those who are reeling under its pressure. Amidst such confusion, Maxine Waters, a Democrat Congressperson has announced that $2000 a month will be given to every adult and $1000 per month will be given to every

A $300 million series B fundraised by Bakkt led by ICE and other investors

The popular digital asset medium Bakkt belonging to the Intercontinental exchange has recently made it clear with an announcement that it intends to raise $300 million of additional capital on March 16th. Their official website had posted this message officially to inform the markets as well as ran updates about

With Yes Bank’s Struggle – the Supreme Court judgment lifting Crypto ban is a Blessing

Yesterday, 6 March 2020 trouble came crashing down on Indian Private Bank Yes Bank. The Cryptocurrency ban being lifted means only one thing - Cryptocurrency is the ultimate freedom. Yes Bank’s issues include a board change and worst of all a withdrawal limit of 50,000 Indian Rupees. Lets read on to

Japan moves to take the currency out of cryptocurrency

Over the first week of the new year, it was widely reported that Japanese authorities were actively pursuing the idea of introducing Bitcoin based exchange-traded funds (ETFs), in what would have been a significant move towards the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency in the region. Now, Japan's regulator the Financial Services Agency (FSA) has

Will India Ban Bitcoin?

Indian Cryptocurrency Ban Looms | Inside Crypto Today

Back in July this year, Indian authorities faced a huge backlash among cryptocurrency investors and startups when the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) announced its intention to ban cryptocurrencies, declaring that no one could use bank accounts to facilitate the buying or selling of cryptocurrency. The widely criticised move was