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COVID-19 has increased downloads of the emergency app Guardian Circle

There are several crypto-based apps that are available on the play store, but one of the crypto-based emergency app ‘Guardian Circle’ has experienced a major trend up north in its monthly downloads, due to COVID-19 pandemic.  The emergency based crypto-app project had provided the figures itself and confirmed that an additional

Cardano’s new off-chain protocol has more scalability than existing payment networks

The blockchain industry and its projects have suffered mainly because of one issue and that is scalability. Now with the Ouroboros Hydra protocol, the Cardano blockchain can be smoothly scaled clocking in lower latency.  A protocol was released by Cardano this month on the 25th. This off-chain scalability protocol called Ouroboros

MoneyGram clocks smart profits thanks to its partnership with Ripple

The world has indeed taken advantage of the digital wave and using it in every sphere of life including management of money and transfers. MoneyGram is a hugely popular innovative money transfer platform that intends to connect people across the globe by establishing firm foundations of financial transactions. With more