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Gucci Strengthens its Ties to Web3 By Partnering With Yuga Labs

The luxury house Gucci and Yuga Labs aims to explore the intersection of fashion and entertainment with their partnership in Web3.  Gucci, the luxury fashion business, is delving deeper into Web3 and the metaverse in conjunction with Yuga Labs, the creators of Bored Ape Yacht Club. Gucci hinted at a collaboration on

Here’s How Blockchain Technology Is Altering The Adult Content Industry

Although the adult content industry has garnered an unfavorable reputation in the past, with blockchain, content creators and consumers can now have more control over their interactions, making the entire experience more safe and anonymous, the latter of which is an essential component of building and maintaining an audience in

Immutable announced a partnership with Polygon (MATIC) and launched Immutable zkEVM

Web3 game creators can build on a new zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine, which promises to give gamers more ownership rights and compete with the huge gaming conglomerates. Immutable zkEVM is a new EVM-compatible ZK-Rollup driven by Polygon technology and fully supported by the Immutable platform. It is scheduled to be released

Now You Can Make Money and Get Fit with this New and Emerging Play-To-Earn Crypto Project

Are you a fitness enthusiast? Do you want to step into the popular and trending web3 world and collect some crypto as an asset? This new and emerging crypto project allows you to make the most of fitness and Web3 with a play-to-earn infrastructure. Among the race of endless Web3 projects

UniLend v2 Launched on Polygon zkEVM, Offering Lightning-Fast Transactions

UniLend takes a leap forward to scale its permissionless lending and borrowing product with Polygon zkEVM. UniLend, the decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that's taking the world by storm, announced its upcoming launch on Polygon ZK. This move will allow UniLend to offer its users lightning-fast transaction speeds, increased scalability, and enhanced

MixMarvel to Co-Host a Web3 Reception in Hong Kong

Content-incubation platform MixMarvel will announce its first step towards DAO formation Asia's leading blockchain content-incubation platform MixMarvel will participate in the Over the Moon event co-organized with Odaily this April, sharing Web3 insights and announcing upcoming steps in their DAO formation process with Web3 experts. The blockchain media Odaily is committed to

Crypto Payments Specialist Stellar Links Polkadot and Kusama with The New Spacewalk Bridge

Polkadot and Kusama, two blockchain ecosystems, are now linked to Stellar's global network of fiat onramps through the recently constructed Spacewalk bridge. Pendulum co-founder and Chief Technical Officer Torsten Stüber said that Polkadot's "canary network," Kusama, is currently online with the Spacewalk bridge and that the Polkadot version would be open

Golden Gate’s (GGX) Chief Science Officer and Co-founder Matthew Doty Announces Seminal Whitepaper Prior to TestNet

Golden Gate’s whitepaper advances cross-chain innovation, including protocol-agnostic base-layer communications and comprehensive security for Web3 liquidity routing  Singapore – March 14th, 2023 – Golden Gate (GGX), a programmable Layer 0 with advanced DeFi orchestration capabilities and comprehensive cross-chain security, released its whitepaper weeks ahead of its TestNet launch. Utilizing ZK Rollups

Starbuck’s First Paid NFT Siren Collection ‘Stamps’ Sold Within 18 Minutes

On Thursday, Starbucks Odyssey, the corporation's Web3 loyalty program, debuted its first collection with 2,000 limited-edition NFTs named "Stamps." The Odyssey program is still in beta and invitation-only, requiring users to complete quizzes, activities, and in-store purchases to earn Stamps. However, it only took buyers 18 minutes to purchase all