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How Could Blockchain Be Helpful for Politics?

Georgia is perhaps the first country to make use of blockchain for its land registry purposes. They want to go away with the old-style bureaucracy. A news publication on medium stated that Georgians want to have a redo on their land registry. Many citizens had their lands taken away from them.

Why TransferWise’s Taavet Hinrikus Backed This Blockchain Company?

In the previous year, blockchain adoption frequently happened among the largest financial institutions worldwide engaging in buying, selling, or integrating cryptocurrencies into the firm.  A news publication on NEWSBTC discusses the possible reasons why TransferWise’s Taavet Hinrikus backed this blockchain company. The last year 2020 also saw plenty of activities happening

True Tribe’s Garment Supply Chain is Live with SUKU’s Blockchain Solution

True Tribe garment supply chain is live with SUKU's blockchain solution. A producer of handcrafted activewear with recycled waste went live thanks to blockchain solution SUKU.  A news article on Cryptoninjas claimed that True Tribe, a producer of handcrafted active wear from recycled plastic waste, has formed a SUKU partnership. SUKU

Blockchained India and BLOCUMEN presents DeFi Bytes on December 12th

BlockchainedIndia and BLOCUMEN presents an electrifying session on DeFi Bytes that is being planned to be held on December 12th. There is some interesting news from Airmeet, where they announced BlockchainedIndia and BLOCUMEN, and other partners, are planning a session on DeFi Bytes. The program will be held on December 12th

Sygnum, Swiss Digital Asset Bank Launches Blockchain Alternative to Stock Exchanges

Sygnum, which is a Swiss digital asset bank founded on Swiss & Singapore heritage, recently launched a blockchain-based alternative for listing shares on the stock exchange.  According to a news publication on Coindesk, Sygnum announced on Thursday that they had launched an end-to-end tokenization solution for listing shares on the stock

Blockchain Offers a Legal High for Cannabis Users

The new president has different views on the use and implementation of marijuana. Unlike the Trump administration that was against the use of cannabis, Joe Biden has brought about new legislation that can immensely affect the blockchain projects revolving around cannabis. According to a news article published on Beincrypto, the Biden Brings EOS to Offer Blockchain as a Service For Enterprises the creator of EOS has brought yet another revolutionary product which provides all-round blockchain services including consulting and technical implementation to the businesses. The blockchain as a service solution would provide on-demand Blockchain solutions to the enterprises. The company intends to provide simple and robust solutions to the enterprises