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Sony is pushing Metaverse!

Every brand now wants to tap into the new exciting opportunity of the metaverse, and the popular electronic giant is not far behind.  Sony, the global electronic giant, innovator, and manufacturer, has announced that the company will take a more focused approach to develop a metaverse experience for the consumers as

NFT Bytes – The next agenda by Blockchained India in Initialize Metaverse

With the growing demand for crypto and blockchain projects, there is a need to provide quality education about the industry for the users to navigate it better. Blockchained India has taken upon it to generate awareness about crypto, blockchain, and other avenues by hosting virtual meetups in Initialize Metaverse.  Blockchained India

CoinDCX launched CoinDCX Ventures, an investment arm to deploy Rs 100 cr in Web 3

CoinDCX, the cryptocurrency exchange, has launched its venture investment arm, CoinDCX ventures to invest in early-stage crypto and blockchain startups. The investment arm plans to deploy Rs 100 crore to accelerate the growth of the cryptocurrency market in India.  The cryptocurrency exchange has already invested about 10-15 of the total funds

The first Gaming Guild in the Elrond Ecosystem –

The GameFi industry has boomed in the past few months, which is evident by the plethora of opportunities being offered to gamers around the world. In addition, several projects have joined the GameFi industry by providing unique services.  The highly scalable public blockchain and distributed transactional computation protocol, Elrond has announced