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Unbanked and Mastercard Team Up to Accelerate Crypto Card Adoption Within Web3 Organizations in Europe

Today it was announced that Unbanked, the leading provider of white-label crypto card issuance and program management service for Web3 companies, has partnered with Mastercard, to accelerate DeFi card issuance in Europe. Mastercard and Unbanked have already established a footprint in the United Kingdom and Europe and solidified relationships with leading

Justin Sun Wants TRON to be a Legal Tender in Five Nations by 2023

This year, Justin Sun, TRON's creator, plans to get TRX, the cryptocurrency Tron uses, recognized as legal tender in five nations. Sun tweeted that while the target is "ambitious," he is "confident" in its attainability. In a different Twitter thread, he emphasized the need to seek beyond the United States

E-Commerce App Meituan Introduces Smart Contract Feature for Digital Yuan

Have you heard? Compared to other large countries, China has moved far more quickly to establish CBDC. In 2020, China began testing digital currency. Though the currency has seen application in retail transactions, including the purchase of assets, its smart-contract capabilities have yet to be tested on a broad retail

Cointelegraph’s Newly Launched Accelerator Program Seeks Web3 Startups

Startups are sprouting up every day in the Web3 industry, which is expanding at a breakneck speed. Despite the market collapse, total investment in Web3 projects increased dramatically, reaching $30 billion in 2021 and $36 billion in 2022. Even though many projects have interesting concepts and can offer something of

El Salvador’s Legislature Passes Landmark Digital Securities Bill for Bitcoin Bonds

The Salvadoran legislature has approved legislation that will allow for the issuance of bitcoin bonds proposed by President Nayib Bukele. El Salvador was planning to issue a billion dollars worth of bonds on Blockstream's Liquid Network, a federated Bitcoin sidechain, back in November 2021. Half of the proceeds from the bond

The Trading Dominance of Altcoins has Increased to More than Fifty Percent

An analyst recently claimed in a post on CryptoQuant that Bitcoin price increases have historically signalled the beginning of long-lasting market shifts. For each cryptocurrency, the "trading dominance" indicator determines how much of the total trading volume that coin represents. When the value of this metric increases for any coin, it