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Blockchained India presents a riveting event on Decentralized Finance

A new movement is pumping oxygen into the cryptocurrency industry and is capturing the eyes of those in the space and is none other than ‘DeFi’, short for Decentralized Finance! It's a term that we come across everyday especially if we are regulars at trading. But did you know about

Blockchain Bytes Concluded Successfully By Blockchained India

Blockchained India just concluded the Blockchain bytes, a session which facilitated an in-depth and highly consumable knowledge resource pool with a rich discussion around the implementation and implications of DeFi platforms. There were detailed discussions around DeFI with Zilliqa in the spotlight. The First Session was DeFi and Zilliqa (welcome address)

Blockchained India conducts yet another exciting event awaiting your attention!

DeFi is getting bigger and bigger by the day, and this session aims to propose a rich, elevated, and bountiful discussion to justify the interconnected arrangement. Blockchained India, being an open community for blockchain enthusiasts, conducts different events on a regular note, to ensure that the technology is better comprehended

Cryptocurrency In India Webinar – Featuring Mr Subhash Chandra Garg on 17th July

The RBI ban on cryptocurrencies induced several crypto players to raise their voice against the move. Khaitan & Co, one of the oldest law firms in India was one of the front-runners that advocated its opinions against the RBI ban. This time, the law firm endeavors to push reforms in

Blockchained India conducts India’s first Blockchain and Crypto Virtual meet-up amidst Coronavirus fears

  Blockchained India is a result of an avid need to learn and satisfy curiosity towards the impact of Blockchain technology for a progressing country like India. Blockchain in India is still in its infancy and for it to take-off will require some more research, an in-depth understanding and a higher

Decentruck – The Truck which Raises Awareness of Decentralization

  Parallel Polis is not a term we often hear. It is a term that talks about revolutionary ideas of how society can evolve based on the exchange of innovative ideas and liberal thoughts. The Parallel Polis project is aimed at helping people gain knowledge, work on their capabilities and also