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Flare Finance Witnesses a Massive Rush for its NFT Sale

NFTs have come a long way from their early days about a year back. NFTs have become a good way to reward community members and stay connected with them.  Multiple projects are associating themselves with NFTs and executing a range of activities including airdrops, rewards, etc.  In countries like the Philippines,

The Axie Infinity Marketplace bringing market economy aspects into the game

Apart from the trading aspect of decentralized finance and cryptocurrencies, blockchain is capable of producing much more interactive and fun ways to bring financial opportunities to users. Products such as NFTs have brought forward a more entertaining method of interacting with blockchain technology. However, the most helpful invention to come from

Axie Cooperative Scholars Donates Relief to Fire Victims

Axie Infinity has been doing well in the market, scoring high points, raking in millions in revenue, and adding new members to its platform. Still, the platform is not all about profit, but it also values community and often seeks ways to support society and general welfare. Recently, the world heard

Latin America, the frontrunner for Crypto adoption?

From El Salvador becoming the first country to accept Bitcoin as legal tender to Binance granting Axie Infinity Scholarships, a lot has been happening in Latin America's crypto bubble. While this is excellent news for the global crypto community, it does pose a question if Latin America is at the

How does ‘Axie Infinity’ compare to the world of blockchain gaming?

The blockchain gaming industry has been taken over by a new competitor that has been making a lot of noise. Axie Infinity is a blockchain-enabled game that utilizes in-game NFTs and has a play-to-earn model. By leaving no stone unturned, Axie Infinity has initiated a new era of the gaming

Axie’s reach to Infinity & Beyond – The September Update

August was possibly the best month since the inception of Axie Infinity. The month of August saw the platform generate the most significant revenue and attracted over a million active users surpassing other prominent players in the crypto space. The team at Axie Infinity has no plans to slow down on

Axie Infinity Paving the Way in the Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem

Axie Infinity has become a force too big to be ignored in the crypto gaming world with its play-to-earn system of reward. The platform has shown the endless possibilities that exist when crypto is merged with gaming. Axie Infinity and Ethereum are currently dominating the crypto space in terms of free

The Tourism Based Blockchain industry is Buzzing!

Blockchain has taken over several industries to optimize their underlying architecture and create faster and more rewarding opportunities for the users. One of the areas in desperate need of attention is the tourism industry that suffered heavily because of outdated technology and intermediaries that charged hefty fees to connect consumers

Twitter to let Twitter users Send and Receive Bitcoin Through Its Tip Jar

Twitter is one of the multi-billion organizations joining in the cryptocurrency revolution and, as its social media counterpart, is seeing a bright future within the space. Recently, CEO Jack Dorsey announced that Bitcoin would be a part of Twitter’s future, hinting at the possibility of more cryptocurrency-based products from the