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Cosmos-Based DeFi Protocol Quasar Raises $5.4M

In the wake of the multibillion-dollar FTX crypto exchange's demise, the potential of decentralized financial systems has once again come under scrutiny. Despite efforts to solve the issue of fragmentation across different blockchains, decentralized finance (DeFi) is still in its early stages of development. With a $70 million valuation, Shima Capital

Twitter Announces Collaboration with eToro, Enabling Crypto and Stock Trading for Users

Twitter Collaborates with eToro for Crypto and Stock Trading

Thanks to a partnership with eToro, Twitter users can soon trade stocks, cryptocurrency, and other assets directly from the social media platform. According to CNBC, the update will be available on the Twitter app on Thursday, i.e., April 14th.  It's worth noting that Twitter's owner, Elon Musk, began his quest to

Top Crypto Platforms You Shouldn’t Miss Out On in 2023

Discover the Top Crypto Platforms of 2023

Whether it be crypto enthusiasts, investors, collectors of digital assets, or creators, there is a crypto and web3-based project for everyone today. But how do you get a hold of the top and most reliable platforms to explore these projects? Don’t worry; we have you covered.  Considering Fortune’s Crypto 40 first-of-its-kind

Conventional European Financial Banks Form Alliance to Create a Blockchain-Based Trading Platform for Digital Bonds

SEB and Crédit Agricole, two major European banks, have announced so | bond, a blockchain-based platform for the issuance of digital bonds in the traditional financial industry. The new platform, which is described as a "sustainable and open" blockchain, intends to increase efficiency and enable real-time data synchronization among users, the

Here’s How Blockchain Technology Is Altering The Adult Content Industry

Revolutionizing adult content: Blockchain's impac

Although the adult content industry has garnered an unfavorable reputation in the past, with blockchain, content creators and consumers can now have more control over their interactions, making the entire experience more safe and anonymous, the latter of which is an essential component of building and maintaining an audience in

Unbanked and Mastercard Team Up to Accelerate Crypto Card Adoption Within Web3 Organizations in Europe

Unbanked and Mastercard Collaborate to Boost Crypto Card Adoption in Europe

Today it was announced that Unbanked, the leading provider of white-label crypto card issuance and program management service for Web3 companies, has partnered with Mastercard, to accelerate DeFi card issuance in Europe. Mastercard and Unbanked have already established a footprint in the United Kingdom and Europe and solidified relationships with leading

5 million plus downloads and 3x fast browser: the new Carbon browser can be the future of Web3

Carbon Browser is one of the leading web browsing solutions, with over 5 million downloads and 1 million monthly active users. Carbon Browser is designed to be significantly faster than other popular Web2 browsers whilst also offering complete decentralization and 100% privacy. Carbon Browser ensures that all your private data