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Fashion Forward: How Augmented Reality is Revolutionizing the Runway Experience

Milan was abuzz with excitement on March 31st as OVER, the cutting-edge augmented reality metaverse platform, unveiled a never-before-seen show that left the fashion world in awe. 

With its profound implications for the industry, this groundbreaking event redefined the fashion landscape in Milan, solidifying its status as the global capital of fashion and pushing the boundaries of innovation to new heights.

Milan Hosted Star-Studded Guests and Leading Brands

The highly anticipated event drew in representatives from traditional and cutting-edge fashion brands, media, and guest from notable companies such as Diesel, Lamborghini, and Israel’s Economic Mission in Italy, alongside virtual influencer Rozy Oh, Korea’s first of its kind. Against the breathtaking backdrop of the iconic Duomo di Milano, the highlight of the evening was a mesmerizing display of digital wearables.

Giant virtual models adorned with avant-garde designs from participating brands strutted across Piazza del Duomo, captivating the unaware tourists. Above them, rotating in mid-air, were shoe designs from Space Runners x Balmain and Pet Liger, part of the groundbreaking Gucci VAULT project, creating an unforgettable spectacle.

Guests on the terrace overlooking the Piazza were treated to this extraordinary display through smart devices equipped with the cutting-edge OVER app, the gateway to its AR metaverse ecosystem. 

The technology behind this immersive experience was OVER’s map2earnⓇ. This game-changing innovation allows owners of OVER digital land and the creator community to create a three-dimensional record of locations and geolocate digital assets with unparalleled accuracy of 20 centimeters, surpassing traditional GPS.

The seamless showcase of AR fashion underscored the platform’s unwavering focus on pushing the boundaries of innovation, as expressed by co-founder and COO, Diego Di Tommaso. He expressed pride in being part of the Metaverse Fashion Week event, driven by the user-led ethos of Web3. 

Co-founder and CEO, Davide Cuttini, further elaborated on the transformative potential of AR, envisioning a future where smart glasses augmented reality with entertainment, information, work tools, and personal assistants, with fashion leading the charge in this technological revolution.

Industry Leaders Applaud OVER’s AR Fashion Show in Milan

At the groundbreaking event, attendees were captivated by the unprecedented experience and hailed it as a new era for digital fashion. Stefano Galassi, Innovation Advisor to Cambridge University and the Metaverse Fashion Council, praised the event for taking digital fashion to new heights and unlocking a new level of innovation. 

Jonathan Hadar, Head of Israel’s Economic Mission in Italy, applauded OVER’s vision of merging the physical and virtual worlds in a seamless way and expressed his desire to connect them with the advanced Israeli metaverse ecosystem.

Marco Ruffa, Digital Transformation Director at PINKO and part of the event’s panel of speakers and other industry experts, highlighted the exciting opportunities for brands to expand their global reach through live satellite shows using AR technology. 

Layla Pavone from the Municipality of Milan summed up the overall sentiment of awe and appreciation for the AR fashion display, congratulating OVER and expressing the desire to see them in Milan throughout the year, beyond just the event. The event left attendees inspired and impressed with the limitless possibilities of AR in shaping the future of fashion.

About OVER

OVER is the foremost AR metaverse platform, merging the physical and virtual worlds to create a novel dimension that is accessible to all. As a decentralized Web3 experience built on the blockchain, OVER empowers creators to publish and fully own their content while offering rewards and opportunities to all ecosystem contributors. 

OVER provides immersive marketing strategies and activations for brands and organizations, including 3D retail experiences, AI-powered avatars, and seamless integration with Web3 and existing e-commerce platforms for product launches and showcases. 

Videos and photos from the event can be found here:

For more information or interview requests about the event in Milan, please contact OVER’s Head of PR, Lydia Wang –

Stay tuned to OVER’s social media channels for more highlights and happenings from the AR metaverse: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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