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Helium Is All Sets to Fully Migrate to Solana By March 27

Did you hear? On March 27, there will be a 24-hour changeover period during which the Helium blockchain will be paused. With this migration, activities like proof-of-coverage and data transmission will be impacted.

Helium Network, a communications network, has set March 27 as the date for migrating to the Solana blockchain and deploying Oracles to increase scalability and stability.

In the official blog post published on February 17, the existing Helium blockchain will be paused during the 24-hour changeover period on March 27. The network is also creating a working group of community volunteers to supervise the conversion process and ensure that the network’s Proof-of-Coverage and data transfer operations aren’t impacted.

What to Expect From This Migration? 

According to a thread tweet notice by Helium, the network informed that following the chain halt, validators would cease issuing blocks, and transactions would be out of sync. Upon migrating all accounts and tokens to the Solana blockchain, the network will take a final snapshot of the blockchain. Hotspots will be created as nonfungible tokens (NFTs), according to the developers.

However, holders of HNT and MOBILE tokens, on the other hand, will not need to take any action to participate in the upgrade. Most Hotspot owners are in the same boat, while owners of big fleets may be able to test certain claim capabilities or design specialized wallet solutions.

Almost 80% of Solana residents voted in favor of HIP-70 on September 22, allowing Helium to relocate to the city. According to the developers, more of its original coin will be available in subDAO reward pools, optimizing the mining, and the ecosystem will be more stable thanks to the migration.

Moreover, Nova Labs, the company behind Helium, also teamed up with American telecoms company T-Mobile in September of last year to develop a cryptocurrency-powered mobile service that would reward users in Helium for contributing information regarding coverage quality and the locations of Helium dead spots.

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