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Luxury Fashion is Ready to Collab with Blockchain on Syky

Syky (pronounced “psy-key”) was founded by Alice Delahunt, who thinks web3 is where the fashion industry is headed.

After working in marketing for high-end fashion brands like Ralph Lauren and Burberry, where she held positions like a chief digital and content officer, she started her own business in November.

The Idea of SyKy:

While working at Ralph Lauren, Delahunt got her first look at the blockchain in 2017. However, it wasn’t until years later, while she was working on pioneering some digital wardrobe projects with companies like Snap, Bitmoji, and Roblox, that she had the opportunity to see that web3 was going to be “more than a niche community” for luxury fashion. In other words, she was able to see that web3 was going to be the future of luxury fashion.

At that time, Delahunt decided to leave Ralph Lauren and begin establishing Syky. She has stated that Syky will act as an incubator, marketplace, and social community for the next generation of fashion designers and customers.

This is a significant portion of Delahunt’s attention. Her business was given its name after the Psyche, a figure from Greek mythology who was considered to be the soul’s guardian. According to her, Psyche embodied how designers utilize fashion to convey the intangible parts of ourselves and others.

What’s Next for SyKy?

The company is launching the community component of its platform with the release of its first NFT, The Keystone, of which 987 will be available on January 20. According to Delahunt, fifty Keystones will be designated for and awarded to young designers.

The Keystone is a membership card that gives users unique access to Syky’s membership space, where they can network and collaborate with other producers to attend both digital and in-person fashion events. The holders will also be the first to learn about the debut of designer collections, alpha and beta feature releases, and partner projects. They will also receive fashion and technology insights and reports regularly.

Syky is still in its early stages, but it has received a $9.5 million Series A investment headed by Seven Seven Six and participation from Brevan Howard Digital, Leadout Capital, First Light Capital Group, and Polygon Ventures.

Meanwhile, Delahunt aims to invest extra funds to expand the Syky team, integrate designers into the community, and develop new products and technologies.

Are you excited to witness this unique introduction of luxury fashion to the metaverse?

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